Sometimes, I like Mondays

Sometimes I love Mondays. Especially when UPS or FedEx yell out “Package!” The pugs go running madly in an attempt to let me know that someone is there and that I might need to be concerned. Today, I got some goodies. After reading Walt in PA’s contest I was intrigued about having a personal knife. […]

Wait.. What?!

It’s 2012? Already? Hard to believe but the year has flown by. So much happened last year, including a worldwind of a tour with my company that had me seeing four cities (Sydney, Singapore, Beijing and Tokyo — and that was only a few weeks after their earthquake) in a matter of 17 days. In […]

On the road again..

I have so much to update here. New pipes, new pipe tobacco. New cigars. Sigh. So much and so little time. That said, I will be hitting the following cities in the next few weeks: Sydney (Australia, not Canada); Singapore and Beijing. If you have suggestions of places to go, let me know..

Light my fire!

Ah, a good lighter. It can make the difference between enjoying a cigar and not enjoying it. I’ve always been partial to Blazer’s Torch lighter because of it’s durability and consistency. And when traveling I get long cigar matches to enjoy and share. I also bring little wooden matches for those touch-ups I might need. […]

Cigar Review: A little Red that could

Cigar Name: 601 Red Habano Robusto (5 x 50) Cigar Description: Nicaraguan longfillers covered in an oily Nicaraguan Natural Habano wrapper. Cigar Strength: Full Review of the Cigar itself: I knew I was in for quite the cigar treat when the pepper taste hit my taste buds before I had even lit the cigar. It […]

Cigar Review: A Monumental Tribute to America

Cigar Name: CAO America Monument Torpedo (6 1/4 x 54) Cigar Description: Connecticut Shade and Broadleaf Maduro around filler from Dominican, Nicaragua, Italy and USA Cigar Strength: Full Review of the Cigar itself: After getting back from Baltimore, my humidor is even fuller than before. It is definitely time to step up with more reviews […]