Cigar Store Review: Ropewalk Tavern & revisiting Baltimore’s Cross Street Tobacco

A year ago, I visited one of my first cigar stores ever: Baltimore’s Cross Street Tobacco. A very laid back place, it was quiet and friendly. This past week I ended up back in Baltimore and decided to visit it again. I went to Ropewalk Tavern, one of only two restaurants in Maryland where you […]

La Rosa Cubana Cigars and the Cuban Poll

One of the things about getting older is that while you may feel a lot younger, your body has this awful tendency to not feel so much so. I spent the better part of yesterday visiting various doctors’ offices, getting poked, prodded and queried. Once they were done with me, they sent me on my […]

A Sunday in NYC’s Little Chinatown/Little Italy

So this weekend I’m on my own as my girlfriend is out of town. I started last night by enjoying a sweet Ashton Aged Maduro #10. I got to enjoy a Forty Creek Barrel Select over the rocks with a splash of cranberry and watched some pretty cheesy ’80s action movies, including the RoboCop trilogy. […]

Charleston, SC — Tinderbox and the Enchantment of the City

I had arrived in Charleston, sans luggage. This about freaked me out since I had about 10 nice cigars in there that I wanted to review — never mind that I had clothes for the week (I’m here until Saturday morning). I checked into my hotel and got a shuttle into the city core. One […]