Cigar Review: A “holey” issue

Cigar Name: Romeo y Julieta Cabinet Seleccion Toro (6 x 54) Cigar Description: Cameroon wrapper around Nicaraguan, Peruvian and Dominican filler Cigar Strength: Medium Review of the Cigar itself: Well, it has been a busy few weeks for me. Last week I got to go to Edison, NJ and pay a visit to Smokers’ Haven. […]

Smokers’ Right: SCHIP and smoking bans

I’m in Manhattan this week, edu-ma-kating the masses on the wonders of virtualization. If you can consider 4 students masses. That said, because I’m at a facility that means limited cigar enjoyment this week. That’s ok. I’ll indulged in the evening. “Mah woman”, as I affectionately call her, had been bugging me to get her […]

Machine-made: Eh.

Seriously. I admit it. I’m a cigar snob. I like my handmade cigars and truly appreciate the fine art of creating a good smoke. But, since we’re in a recession (possibly a D??), handmade smokes are fast becoming a luxury for many and the only alternative is sometimes to go to the local convenience store […]

Cigar Comments: Some combinations leave a good taste while others..

I’ve been quiet of late because of work. It’s had me fairly busy and with an hour and a half commute, has limited my smoking time this week (hoping to get some reviews in this weekend). So, tonight as I smoke a Short Story to wind down, I’ve been pondering some “going on’s” in the […]

Cigars for newbies

This can be a challenge to determine what cigars are best for newbies. It does depend on your taste buds. I’d say it’d be worthwhile trying only a stick or two at first. If you really like something then you can buy a box and put them into your humidor or tupperware-dor. One of the […]

Smoke, Lies and the Nanny State

I recently got the article “Smoke, Lies and the Nanny State” when surfing the internet. It’s an interesting essay by Joe Jackson (yes, that Joe Jackson, the singer) about the anti-smoking lobby and perhaps, more importantly, a poignant critique of what that industry is doing. He brings up some excellent points. The reality is that […]

Cigar preferences: does the name make a difference?

It’s interesting that on various cigar forums I browse that when someone posts a question about what cigars to recommend (whether for lowest price or whatever), the responses that come back often are primarily the bigger name brands: Davidoff, Padron, et al. There seems little interest in promoting or finding the independent, smaller cigar manufacturers. […]