On the road again..

I have so much to update here. New pipes, new pipe tobacco. New cigars. Sigh. So much and so little time. That said, I will be hitting the following cities in the next few weeks: Sydney (Australia, not Canada); Singapore and Beijing. If you have suggestions of places to go, let me know..

Light my fire!

Ah, a good lighter. It can make the difference between enjoying a cigar and not enjoying it. I’ve always been partial to Blazer’s Torch lighter because of it’s durability and consistency. And when traveling I get long cigar matches to enjoy and share. I also bring little wooden matches for those touch-ups I might need. […]

Cigar Store Review: Ropewalk Tavern & revisiting Baltimore’s Cross Street Tobacco

A year ago, I visited one of my first cigar stores ever: Baltimore’s Cross Street Tobacco. A very laid back place, it was quiet and friendly. This past week I ended up back in Baltimore and decided to visit it again. I went to Ropewalk Tavern, one of only two restaurants in Maryland where you […]

Cigar Rights: What doesn’t belong with the others?

It feels kinda like Sesame Street. You’re shown a bunch of pictures and you need to figure out how it doesn’t belong. In this case, we’re talking about the use of cheap “cigars” to be used as blunt wrappers but a law that doesn’t narrow the specification down. I mean, come one. Do they really […]