Quick Review: Something to Celebrate With

Cigar Name: Davidoff LTD 2009 Toro Especial Seleccion 702 (6 5/8 x 48) Cigar Description: Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper around Dominican Piloto, Olor, and San Vicente fillers Cigar Strength: Full Review of the Cigar itself: After a successful week in Alexandria, VA I thought I’d celebrate (after doing work expenses). So I took out the Limited […]

Cigar Review: Harry Potter ain’t got nothing on this Dragon

Cigar Name: Black Dragon (4.5 x 52) Cigar Description: Ecuadorian Connecticut Maduro wrapper¬† around a Cameroon binder and encapsulating Dominican long fillers Cigar Strength: Full Review of the Cigar itself: We went to see new Harry Potter movie last night. Eh. Not bad but not great. In the end, I think I enjoyed many of […]

Cigar Review: So good, I smoked ’em all (and yes, that’s me)

Cigar Name: Camacho Pre-Embargo (6 x 48) Cigar Description: Honduran Jamastran Corojo wrapper (1999) around pre-embargo Cuban tobacco mixed with Honduran long filler. Cigar Strength: Full Review of the Cigar itself: Ok. So, sometimes I cannot pass up a deal. Cigars International had a one-day sale of these in a 3 pack for $30. That […]

Cigar Review: A slow-starting spicy Perdomo

Cigar Name: Perdomo Habano Maduro (5.5 x 54) Cigar Description: Nicaraguan Cuban-seed Corojo filler with Maduro wrapper Cigar Strength: Full Review of the Cigar itself: I decided to do some bug hunting (not real bugs but computer ones) tonight and as I went on the search of them, I decided to give this Perdomo a […]

Cigar Review: 5 Times the Flavour and Aging

Cigar Name: Victor Sinclair 55 Series Cameroon (7 x 50) Cigar Description: Cameroon Wrapper around five fillers:¬† Nicaragua Ligero, Cameroon, Olor, Corojo and Havana 2000 from Dominican Republic Cigar Strength: Medium Review of the Cigar itself: With the week over and an impending trip to San Francisco coming up, I thought I’d add a review […]

Quick Review: A Master Blend of flavours.

Cigar Name: Olivia Master Blends 3 Robusto (5 x 50) Cigar Description: Nicaraguan Broadleaf around rich Nicaraguan Ligero longfillers Cigar Strength: Full Review of the Cigar itself: After a week on the road, weekends are often where I recharge batteries. Usually, because of the colder Eastern climate I have to stay warm by enjoying a […]

Cigar Store Reviews: A lone beacon of hope in Canada’s Capital

This past week I got to go home again, in more ways than one. It had been 20 years+ since I had been in Ottawa. I grew up there, playing hockey, going trick-er-treating with a snowsuit under my costume and discovering politics. I left Ottawa in 1992 after my mom’s death and it was interesting […]

Cigar Review: A special cigar for TAA stores only

Cigar Name: Rocky Patel TAA Signature Series (5 x 50) Cigar Description: Wrapper and filler Unknown Cigar Strength: Medium Review of the Cigar itself: So this past week I was back in Wall Street teaching. So I headed down to the Broad Street Barclay-Rex, my usual stop when down there, and checked out what they […]

La Rosa Cubana Cigars and the Cuban Poll

One of the things about getting older is that while you may feel a lot younger, your body has this awful tendency to not feel so much so. I spent the better part of yesterday visiting various doctors’ offices, getting poked, prodded and queried. Once they were done with me, they sent me on my […]