Cigar Rights: What doesn’t belong with the others?

It feels kinda like Sesame Street. You’re shown a bunch of pictures and you need to figure out how it doesn’t belong. In this case, we’re talking about the use of cheap “cigars” to be used as blunt wrappers but a law that doesn’t narrow the specification down. I mean, come one. Do they really […]

September Poll: Are you a member of CRA?

While most people get their cigar community from online mechanisms, one of the things we can do is support each other to ensure that we continue to have the right to enjoy a fine smoke now and again. This is especially true now that the FDA controls the promotion of tobacco products. While I recognize […]

Cigar Review: So good, I smoked ’em all (and yes, that’s me)

Cigar Name: Camacho Pre-Embargo (6 x 48) Cigar Description: Honduran Jamastran Corojo wrapper (1999) around pre-embargo Cuban tobacco mixed with Honduran long filler. Cigar Strength: Full Review of the Cigar itself: Ok. So, sometimes I cannot pass up a deal. Cigars International had a one-day sale of these in a 3 pack for $30. That […]

Quick Review: A Master Blend of flavours.

Cigar Name: Olivia Master Blends 3 Robusto (5 x 50) Cigar Description: Nicaraguan Broadleaf around rich Nicaraguan Ligero longfillers Cigar Strength: Full Review of the Cigar itself: After a week on the road, weekends are often where I recharge batteries. Usually, because of the colder Eastern climate I have to stay warm by enjoying a […]

Cigar Store Reviews: A lone beacon of hope in Canada’s Capital

This past week I got to go home again, in more ways than one. It had been 20 years+ since I had been in Ottawa. I grew up there, playing hockey, going trick-er-treating with a snowsuit under my costume and discovering politics. I left Ottawa in 1992 after my mom’s death and it was interesting […]

Smokers’ Right: SCHIP and smoking bans

I’m in Manhattan this week, edu-ma-kating the masses on the wonders of virtualization. If you can consider 4 students masses. That said, because I’m at a facility that means limited cigar enjoyment this week. That’s ok. I’ll indulged in the evening. “Mah woman”, as I affectionately call her, had been bugging me to get her […]

Cigar Review: A Salute from one Craftsman to Another

Cigar Name: Nording Torpedo (4 x 54) Cigar Description: Costa Rican Maduro wrapper over Nicaraguan long fillers and Mexican binder Cigar Strength: Full Review of the Cigar itself: This cigar, when I got it, made me think of the NUB cigars that I sometimes like for a “quick” smoke. NUBs, however, tend to be rather […]