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Light my fire!

29 Mar

Ah, a good lighter. It can make the difference between enjoying a cigar and not enjoying it. I’ve always been partial to Blazer’s Torch lighter because of it’s durability and consistency. And when traveling I get long cigar matches to enjoy and share. I also bring little wooden matches for those touch-ups I might need. So when Blazer came out with the Little Buddy I was excited. Now I wouldn’t have to worry about the chain cap. And it worked great… for the first two weeks. And then died. Occassionally, it would fire up but not as a torch flame but rather a lazy flame. Once it even seemed to engulf the top (dangerous, IMO).

I tried a few things like carefully tapping.

Still didn’t work.

I tried compressed air, thinking that something was blocking something.

Still nothing.

I listened carefully. I could see the slight blue spark and could hear the gas but still wouldn’t light. I let it sit for a few days.

Still nothing.

I sent an email to Blazer and never heard anything. I was rather disappointed. I’ve continued to keep trying to no avail. The biggest challenge is that I bought this on Amazon and it’s not like I can return it to a retailer there (well, I could but sending it via mail means I’ll have to drain it first). I guess since it’s still under warranty, I’ll have to drain it and send it to Blazer directly. We’ll see how that goes.

Since I needed something a little more than my usual Blazer Torch lighter and there was a sale on the Perdomo Vector Thundra lighter, I splurged on getting that. So far, it’s been a decent lighter. I can actually light 5-7 cigars before I need to refill it. I do wish it had a clear body (something about being able to see the fluid would be helpful) but otherwise, it’s been a champ of a lighter thus far.


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