San Francisco: The city of hills..

As I mentioned, a couple of weeks ago I was in San Francisco. I was there to do a training course before my company’s big conference. Along with me were about 4 other colleagues. One in particular, D, is a cigar aficionado. He tends to travel internationally more than me (him being a bachelor and all) but when we do get together we do share a smoke or two. For this trip I checked into the Hilton San Francisco Financial District. It’s right beside Chinatown and the Financial District of San Fran. And it’s about a 10 min walk to the Pier. But what made this more important was that it still had smoking rooms! And nice rooms. If you have to stay in the City and can afford it (rates can start as low as $99 and go up from there — I think I got it at the $160 range), it may be worthwhile. The beds were incredibly soft and it is Hilton Hotel good quality. Being near Chinatown and the Pier means

Cigar Bar and Grill: 850 Montgomery Street
Cigar Bar and Grill: 850 Montgomery Street

lots of food options. And the infamous Alfred‘s Steakhouse is around the corner. (BTW, the salmon is a bit dry). There is also a tiny cigarette/cigar shop about a block away if you really need to find something but if you’re going to have a smoke you really should hit the Cigar Bar and Grill.

I would recommend getting there early, especially on a Friday night (cover of $7 applies after a certain hour and it’s PACKED!) But it is a great atmosphere. While there D and I got to talk with other people (we had just met them there) and compare discussions on life, cigars and other things. It was pretty sweet. Additionally, they usually will have a live band if you want to dance or to watch others dance. The atmosphere is jovial and the humidor, while a small one, has enough variety to meet any taste and budget. This isn’t a cheap place but neither is it overly expensive. Expect $25-50 per person (cigar and drink price) depending on drink and cigar.

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