October Poll: It’s all about the flavour..

Last month, I asked about CRA and who was members. It was a 50-50 split. Now, granted, the audience that reads here can be from anywhere in the world so it’s possible that some voters wouldn’t be represented if they are elsewhere but it was interesting that a few people didn’t know who CRA is. I would recommend that if you are a cigar smoker in the US and want to have a voice in Congress et al., then take a few minutes to join them (the link is on the right). There is a fair amount of legislation that could prevent someone from enjoying a simple cigar. The most recent action by the FDA (who now manages tobacco products and the advertising, etc. of it) was to ban flavoured cigarettes. The wording of the ban is so broad that it could easily snag in flavoured cigars and cigarillos (something my girlfriend wasn’t happy to hear since she likes to occasionally enjoy an Al Capone Cognac once in a while). I’ll admit to enjoying an occasional flavoured cigar (the Drew Estate Tabak Especial Negra is a great “dessert” kind of cigar).

And honestly, whether you like them or not, no one should prevent you from enjoying a good cigar once in while. I find it relaxing since I have to slow down to enjoy it (I admit to be a slow smoker and that is really not a bad thing). I’m an adult. I know what consequences may come from it, just like I do if I was to handle a gun or alcohol. I’ll admit to being fairly liberal in many of my views on things (I actually tend to be a-political as I feel disenchanted with politics in general) but there is something about the government directly telling me what I can and cannot enjoy in life that just irks me. So I figured I ask the rest of you as to what you think about the recent ban. Do you think that companies like Drew Estates should be worried about them being next?

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