Cigar Review: A Knightly Rothschild

Excalibur 1066 Rothschild
Excalibur 1066 Rothschild

Cigar Name: Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur Rothschild (4.5 x 50)

Cigar Description: Connecticut  Maduro Havana-seed wrapper around Honduran, Nicaraguan & Dominican longfiller.

Cigar Strength: Full

Review of the Cigar itself: It’s been a busy month and a bit. And I’m well over-due for a review or more. I have a few reviews in the works for a couple of products (Blazer’s Mini Buddy and Repuff, Cigar relighting solution) and decided to post this one on the 1066 Roth. A very sweet and heady little cigar, the wrapper is well made and almost a dark coffee colour. The veins, and there were a few, were not predominant or overpowering of the quality of the cigar.

It punched easily and soon was emitting a rich blue/white smoke. The scent that arose was a peppery spice that tempted tasted buds. As I went through the first third, I listened to the poor hapless souls outside trying to get their cars to escape the grip of hardened snow and frigid ice. Ah, the joys of being inside basking in the sun on a not-so-warm day. The cigar itself tasted of rich oregano and a bitter mocha taste. The draw was clear enough to allow the flavour through, which started a bit subdued but as I finished the first third it began to develop more.

The middle third continued the oregano and added a bit of a sweetness to the taste, almost a mint but not quite.

Overall it burned well with minimal uneven burning occurring. Most of that I was able to resolve or it resolved on its own.

Enjoyed with: water

Smoke time: approximately 75 minutes

Final Review Rating: 8.2/10

2 thoughts on “Cigar Review: A Knightly Rothschild

  1. It’s a cigar that deserves it’s reputation as being a favorite of those who enjoy a strong cigar. I always have one or two of these in the humidor.

  2. I find this to be a very strong cigar, great for late evening, but that is about the only time I would attempt this beauty. Your review is pretty spot on I would say.

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