Wait.. What?!

Enjoying the evening.

It’s 2012?


Hard to believe but the year has flown by. So much happened last year, including a worldwind of a tour with my company that had me seeing four cities (Sydney, Singapore, Beijing and Tokyo — and that was only a few weeks after their earthquake) in a matter of 17 days. In fact, I traveled so much last year that I managed to get Platinum status with American Airlines. Only to hear that they were filing for bankruptcy shortly after that.

Ah. Such is life.

Anyways, I started a habit of writing a list of things I needed to do each week. And regularly on that list was to update this blog.

We can see how successful that was.


But, my foot locker humidor is filled to the brim with all sorts of cigars I haven’t tried, some I have and some that just scream to be tried (I managed to snag three Flying Pigs on one trip recently). So I’m going to try this again. This time, however, I’ll probably sprinkle in a few other blog posts beyond cigars. I had taken up pipe smoking a little while ago as an on-again, off-again enjoyment. It’s brought back great memories of my grandfather, who was an avid enjoyer of the pipe while I was growing up. I have a feeling that historically my family has enjoyed a bowl or two because of the proximity to the ocean (the Atlantic) and the history of traveling to a new land as new settlers in the mid-1600s. Acadians (my heritage) were a hearty lot that enjoyed things like Toutiere (meat pie), a good fiddle and lots of dancing.

They also enjoyed a glass of wine or two, being originally from France. Now, wine is good but I’ve taken more of a personal shine to various whiskies. Recently, this has been Glenmorangie’s 18 year old Scotch. I managed to get a 750ml bottle over the holidays. And I’m nearly half-way through. And the only one drinking it. I first got introduced to this when on a trip to Orlando, Florida last year with my boss. We went downtown, had dinner and then hung out at Corona Cigars. They had quite a pleasant selection of cigars, including pre-embargo. My boss got a shock when they showed him one and quoted something $1750, I think. He was tempted until he realized the price was PER CIGAR, not per box. Anyways, we got a few and ordered their Glenmorangie sampler which included the 12 year, 18 year and the 25 year.

All I can say is if I had the money all I would drink is the 25 year. Heck, I’d give up water for that!

The last thing that I may write about is fountain pens. I inherited one from my mom’s estate, a Parker Cisele that she got when she graduated university. Since I was always afraid of losing it, I purchased a new one while on the road in Asia. Parker’s nibs still leave a bit to be desired but overall it’s a good pen. Until I discovered a used Montblanc that I got off of Fountain Pen Hospital. While I don’t think I’ll go and buy a new pen every week, I may indulge in posts about the ones I got and ones I’m considering. Unlike cigars or whiskey, there are only so many pens that I feel comfortable having. As a collector, certainly I can add to what I have but, to me, only if I will use it.

So, we’ll see. I think I’ll end up scheduling time in my schedule (when I’m not in front of customers already) to try to do a minimum of a weekly blog post. This year promises to be busy as I’ve been tapped to write a book for work and already have a busy schedule as far as travel is concerned (for February and March). But it does break up the mundane of life and make it more interesting to share with others.

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