Sometimes, I like Mondays

New pipe and knife

Sometimes I love Mondays. Especially when UPS or FedEx yell out “Package!” The pugs go running madly in an attempt to let me know that someone is there and that I might need to be concerned.

Today, I got some goodies. After reading Walt in PA’s contest I was intrigued about having a personal knife. Although small, this is a pretty sturdy little knife. It will be perfect for when I’m on my solo bicycling tours and camping. As a Canadian, I cannot shoot a gun (legally) so I live vicariously through Walt’s blog and his adventures in competitive shooting.

I got a second package today from Pipes and Cigars. In it was a tin of McClelland BlackWoods Flake, some Happy “Bogie” and Sweet Maple plug tobacco (corded). And, a new Bingham Acadian bent billard pipe. I’ve become rather fond of their pipes and them being Canadian makes them even more enjoyable. The quality is good and the maple insert is easy to replace when needed.

So.. off to enjoy! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Sometimes, I like Mondays

  1. I get what your are saying, but what I don’t get is what I feel is an itredinanoly high opinion of the Ashton Classic. While a good cigar, there just isn’t anything special about it. It is a relatively inexpensive mild cigar with a flavor profile ideal for a novice. This Ashton is a $6 stick. That may sound expensive, but really now a days that is probably the median price of a cigar. Everyone’s tastes are different, but there are very very few sticks under $5 that I would want to waste anyone’s time with. That isn’t to say there aren’t some inexpensive gems out there. , but I can’t think of a $2 cigar that I would ask anyone to smoke. I have tried plenty of them and most are crappy and at best they are merely smokeable. I’d much rather give a new guy one of these Ashtons so he can be introduced to a good cigar that isn’t going to over power him and turn him off to trying more. I’d consider it $6 well spent. But like you say, your mileage may vary.

  2. Sounds like a blast! I just tried my hand at pipe smoking the other day, I gotta admit, it’s tasty. Tough to keep lit though, I suppose with time…

  3. Arwin told me to tell you “You suck because you never update your posts”. Also, next time you’re in Austin she is going to put us in contact because you needs a smoking buddy.

  4. LOL.. ya. Work being busy doesn’t help. And I will keep it in mind. I’m sure I’ll visit Austin again in 2013 🙂

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