Cigar Review: Ashton Heritage Puro Sol #2

Cigar Name: Ashton Heritage Puro Sol #2

The start of the morning

Cigar Description: a variety of sun-grown tobaccos with a nice Cameroon (my favourite!) wrapper, done up in a Belicoso shape (4 7/8 x 49)

Review of the Cigar itself: While I’m not the biggest fan of torpedo shaped cigars (although this one is referred to as a “Belicoso”), this one isn’t too bad at all. The wrapper itself is a nice dark, almost chocolate-coloured shade. The draw was creamy and nice without being overwhelming. The ash came out almost white and flaked a bit even when being picked up. It’s interesting to note that attempts to “tap off” loose ash didn’t work but the action of movement (air passage?) seemed to. This meant cleaning my desk of little bits of ash here and there (it wasn’t overwhelming but just annoying).

The actual burn was very consistent and the smoke was a nice gentle white-bluish tinge. The scent wasn’t overpowering and had peppery hints in it. I actually found hints of flavour in the cigar itself but nothing that was overpowering. The flaking that I commented on earlier seemed to have stopped and it burned very evenly. In fact, there was only one instance of tugboating and when it did that, it actually self-corrected. Definitely a well-made cigar that someone took their time and effor into. The slightly creamy flavour with hint of pepperiness still continued. To me, this seemed more like a mild-to-medium cigar than medium but it is consistent regardless of it’s level.

As I got down to the last 40% of the cigar, I began to notice a nutty-kind of flavour starting to emerge. It was a surprise because on the reviews I had read at the various online-stores, no one had mentioned this. Perhaps it is a reflection of my own inexperienced palate coming through or the odd-combination of taste-buds I have. Either way, it wasn’t unpleasant and actually quite nice. Some medium cigars tend to have too much of a pepper taste at the end whereas this one is a gentle flavour as it continues.

In the end it was a pleasant way to start the day off. While this isn’t an overly remarkable cigar, it was still enjoyable none-the-less.

Enjoyed with: Water and a coffee (sugar and soy creamer added)

Smoke time: About an hour or so.

Purchased from: Barclay-Rex Cigar Store in Wall Street district

Final Review Rating: 8/10

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