Cigar Review: Got Game? Eh.. maybe not.

Cigar Name: Garcia y Vega Game Vanilla (6.5 x 42 – Pantella)

Cigar Description: Dominican Republic filler with a Connecticut Wrapper and flavoured with a mild hint of vanilla

Review of the Cigar itself: I’m not a fan of machine-made cigars as I’ve often found them to have some quality control issues at times (quantity is often the preference) and, in my opinion thus far, have a limited range of tastes. And often, I find bits of tobacco in my mouth. This definitely wasn’t the case with Game. It had a proper cap and had a nice “pinhole” already punched for the cigar. This would make it an easier cigar to carry around since no cutter is required.

The colouring of the cigar is almost a light creamy coffee colour and the wrapper seems rather veiny. The flavour is extremely mild, so much so that it doesn’t taste like any flavour. It is kinda surprising since the box of 4 cigars I got said “Vanilla” but there is very little vanilla flavouring coming through, even after cleaning my palate with water.

In fact, it was very unremarkable. I think I got some minor hints of vanilla flavour as I got closer to the nub but it was pretty bland over all. The construction was good and it was a consistent burn but it left me wanting more. I may try the green just to see if there is a little more flavour in it (perhaps the vanilla “erased”? the actual cigar flavour). I would say that this is a very, very mild cigar and would be good for those who have very sensitive palates as it won’t overwhelm it. For someone who likes more “oomph” to their cigar, however, you may want to pass on this.

The only plus would be cost but given the taxes that are imposed on cigars here, it would still work out to about $1.20 per cigar. I pay about $1.60 for my Georges Reserve and it has more flavour to it. For a daily cigar, it would be ok for some.

Enjoyed with: Water and a coffee with soy creamer and sugar

Smoke time: approximately 1 hour or so (I was talking on the phone for work while smoking this)

Purchased from: convenience store in the Village area of NYC with small humidor

Final Review Rating: 6.5/10

7 thoughts on “Cigar Review: Got Game? Eh.. maybe not.

  1. I like the Game cigars for a cheap decent after-work smoke.
    I’ve had about 20 in the past few months, a few of every flavor. Well…I had one a while ago and it seemed to start tasting terrible, like there was some type of acid in it and it tasted terrible in my mouth and throat. It seemed to have nothing to do with the cigar but rather had something bad on/in it. I returned the 4 pack to the store I got it and told the guy about it and they were going to return the package to the supplier or whoever. I thought maybe it was just a crazy thing, but I had 2 more yesterday from separate packages and they both had some of this nasty flavor also. It is like when the mouth end gets soaked from saliva it give off some “acitdy” type liquid, and even put some brown liquid on my hand. It doesn’t happen with the whole cigar but only at a few spots. I’m not sure what the deal is. Has anyone else had this problem? I want to contact the company but don’t have any contact and they don’t have a website yet. Maybe i’ll have to go buy 1 more and see if there’s an address on the package.

  2. I love the Game honey and Green, there a cheap, nice tasting smoke for everyday but I do know what dado is talkin about, sometimes you’ll get the odd one that tastes funny. I only smoke Game when I live in the US in the summers, I dont know of anywhere in Scotland that sells them so I bought 40 costing £25 ($38) an got them mailed, the goverment now wants £106 from me for getting them mailed into the country!!
    Its true what they say, “We have a Kingdom for a King, An Empire for an Emperor and a country for a prime minister! “

  3. Well, I’m a girl and I’ve smoked a couple of games and I’ve yet to have that acid problem Dado and Badger is talking about.
    I’ve been using my cigar cutter to cut them, I saw the pin hole but I thought it would be better if I went head and cut it? I guess not perhaps it will last even longer if I don’t cut it who knows? I love cigars, cigarettes annoy me. Helix Remix cafe royales are my favorite so far.

  4. Dado- I had the same problem. After smoking a Vanilla Game for about 15 minutes it started oozing this dark brown fluid that tasted terrible. I’ve never had that happen with a cigar, but have occasionally gotten bitter juice from a poorly built pipe (which is why I smoke a Peterson now). This is definitely a quality control issue that they need to work out. I had such a bad experience that I don’t think I’m going to risk trying another one. I’ll stick to Backwoods when I want cheap quality cigars.

  5. @Pat:

    I just got the acid taste today in my Vanilla Game.. First time trying this cigar, half way thru it started tasting god awful I had to end its life.. Disgusting.

  6. I’ve had a couple vanilla Games myself. I’m not a big cigar smoker, but the wrappers intrigued me. I enjoyed the vanilla flavour, because it was not too strong, but I felt that it was ample. I’ve noticed the bitter taste that Dado speaks of, about 3/4 through the cigar. I’ve had the same issue with a DutchMaster before.

    However, I tried the Peach Game cigar and did not notice this. I did with a strawberry Phillies Blunt though, but only with one out of the 5 pack.

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