Cigar preferences: does the name make a difference?

It’s interesting that on various cigar forums I browse that when someone posts a question about what cigars to recommend (whether for lowest price or whatever), the responses that come back often are primarily the bigger name brands: Davidoff, Padron, et al. There seems little interest in promoting or finding the independent, smaller cigar manufacturers.

And it’s not like these smaller unique manufacturers don’t exist. I just wonder if they are being ignored in favour of being able to say you’ve bought a [insert big cigar name here] and enjoyed it with a bourbon or something. When I compare this to microbreweries, which are able to promote themselves well to a local area, it’s an interesting contrast. I suspect some of it has to do with strong limitations on the ability to advertise in many markets due to discrimination against cigar smokers. This means that an smaller producer has to rely strictly on word-of-mouth to let people know about them.

Now keep in mind I’m not talking about larger manufacturers producing cigars for cigar stores (like online stores and such) but rather actual cigar producers. I know of at least two here in NYC and will be doing a review of them later this week or next week. I think perhaps there may be something interesting about being able to talk to a producer, roller, etc. when you buy your cigars and enjoy it when it’s fresher (although aged cigars do have benefits as well).

So what about you? Do you have a preference somewhere for a smaller unknown producer?

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