Cigar Store Review: Baltimore’s Cross Street Tobacco

In addition to a review of their cigars, I figured I’d do a review of the store. One day, when I retire, I’d like to run a store like Cross Street Tobacco. It’s a place where you can easily go in, pick out a nice cigar and sit and enjoy. It’s very down home and friendly atmosphere, even for someone from out of town on their first visit to Baltimore. I was made to feel welcomed and they have an excellent selection of cigars. The chairs are the kind that you never want to get out of and you have an ok selection of things to drink with your cigar (water, pop, coffee and beer were all available at a low cost).

One of the things I liked about Cross Street is the fact that they discuss not only whatever topics are hot in the world today but also the finer points of tobacco and what makes a good cigar. If the topic doesn’t interest you, certainly you can watch whatever is up on the big screen. They have their own brand label, which at first I thought was something they rolled on their own (at $4 per stick) but found out it was made for them by Olivia. It was still a nice cigar at the price and I very much enjoyed the Robusto Cameroon I had this evening.

The selection of cigars is quite nice and varied. They even have a nice selection of pipes and pipe accessories. The walls are decorated with some older cigar artwork and the walk-in humidor is easily laid out such that you can find your favourites or even a few you’ve never tried. Probably my only complaint was the fact that it closes at 8pm. This, however, may be a reflection of the recent law in Baltimore banning smoking pretty much everywhere and the recent financial crisis. This is the kind of store that needs to be supported regularly.

So, if you’re ever in Baltimore, drop by and have a smoke.

4 thoughts on “Cigar Store Review: Baltimore’s Cross Street Tobacco

  1. @John: Oh nice. I know that perhaps one day, maybe about 5-10 years before retirement I’d like to open a cigar store (perhaps with a coffee/bookshop beside it). I think that kind of life, while any buisiness is challenging, it’d be more laid back and relaxing. Allows a person to sit back and enjoy life and the community around them.

  2. i go out of my way to stop at csc’s when in baltimore. great selection, friendly atmosphere, knowledgeable salesmen. their price compares favorably with any other outlet; i live in virginia and csc hangs with any va. shop i’ve ever been to, despite maryland’s confiscatory tax structure. yeah, this is the best cigar store i’ve been to in quite awhile. i recommend it highly. you will get value for your dollar…

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