Cigar Review: Enjoying an Anniversary like no other

Cigar Name: Padron Serie 1926 Torpedo (6.5 x 52)

Cigar Description: Nicaraguan filler with a dark Nicaraguan Maduro Wrapper

Cigar Strength:Full

Review of the Cigar itself: Like many of Padron Anniversary cigars, this one lives up to the reputation of the name “Padron”. This cigar was made to celebrate Jose O. Padron’s 75th birthday and as a followup to the 1964 cigar. Cigars are more than just the tobacco being rolled and formed into a shape. It is the organization of various tobaccos together to give a specific flavour, texture and aroma. Much like a top rated chef follows their recipe to make our mouths water and stomachs rumble, so does the cigar maker and roller. Padron’s are among those that make many aficionados salivate in anticipation.

I found when I tried my first 1926 Anniversary cigar, a #2 Belicoso, I was impressed with it. It was, in fact, one of my first full cigars for my newbie taste buds and it was the first cigar I was able to smoke from start to finish without a single touch-up. Tonight’s Torpedo was no exception. As I took that first draw, I could taste all of the care and attention to detail that is given to the making of this. The flavour is a rich, deep creamy taste that dances well on the tongue along with an aroma that doesn’t overwhelm the nose but gives a deep woody-nutty scent that is enjoyable and pleasant. It reminds me of a pleasant fire that you’d burn in the background while having conversations with friends and family.

Even the actual physical attributes are nice to the eye with consistency towards attention to detail. The one I have has very few veins visible and the wrapper perfectly wrapped around the square shape. The wrapper has a beautiful sheen on it. Even as physically light it is, the cigar is packed with flavour from start to finish. I wouldn’t recommend this on an empty stomach nor would I recommend it without a good drink of your favourite whatever with it.

As I continued to smoke the cigar, about half-way through I got hints of a sweetness flavour. It was an interesting contrast to the cedar and creamy flavours that continue through it. It is the kind of cigar that you enjoy every minute of the flavour of it. As I got closer to the wrapper I removed it so I could add it to my band book. The interesting thing about the Padron Anniversary cigars is that they are individually numbered for authenticity. The flavour at this point included the nuttiness I that the scent had alluded to earlier. It was a pleasant flavour that rolled well on my tongue. While these can be tough to find, there are a few good shops to get these at: Uptown Cigar Company or Famous Smoke. This is definitely one to share with friends or to have on your own to help finish a great day and make it better.

Enjoyed with: Water and a Corona while snacking on kettle peanut nuts

Smoke time: approximately 1 hour and a half

Final Review Rating: 9.5/10

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