Sunday Quick Shots: a Punch, a BestSeller and a Cameroon

Today is a “work” day for me, largely for my other writing projects. I kinda have to focus on a security article as well as my novel. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying a cigar while I write. So I thought I’d do some quick reviews of the cigars I smoked.

Punch Maduro Rothschild: very nice, mild cigar (although listed as a full bodied cigar). Well constructed Honuduras and Nicaraugan filler with a nice US Connecticut Maduro wrapper that results in some nice nutty flavours in the background. It was a bit smokey at times, which was a bit of a turn-off. Still, it’s a good smoke and probably worthy of a 8/10 review. This would work well as an “every day” cigar (about $2/stick if you buy a box of 50).

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Bestseller: much like the Short Story, this is a very pleasant and enjoyable cigar. The creamyness of the cigar comes through and it relaxes my mind as I churn out words for my novel/biography. I can understand why Hemingway always had a cigar as he wrote: when the mind relaxes, words fumble out far easier. If I had the ingredients for a mint julip, I’d make one to compliment the tiny mint flavouring that tickles the edges of the cigar taste. 9/10

CAO Cameroon Robusto: Unlike the CX2, this is a pretty basic flavoured cigar. As much as I enjoy my Cameroon wrappers (probably why I like the Hemingway line so much), this isn’t comparable in flavour or quality. Don’t get me wrong. It’s an ok cigar but not something I’d treat to everyone and certainly not something I’d have every day. The flavour was pretty bland and simple. I’d put this one at a 7/10.

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