Cigar Review: Size DOES Matter Sometimes

Cigar Name: Camacho Corojo Toro  (6 x 60)

Cigar Description: Corojo wrapper around Jamastran Honduran filler

Cigar Strength: Full

Review of the Cigar itself: Whoever told you that size didn’t matter lied — blatantly. Sometimes, size can matter, particularly when enjoying a full cigar. I got this cigar while in Charleston at the Tinderbox and decided to give it a try today. Given the size and fullness of this cigar, it would probably make a perfect option for after Thanksgiving dinner while watching a football game or just chatting outside with friends and family while the cool air tussled the leaves around. This cigar’s diameter is that of a quarter and it’s a full 6 inches in length. I was a little concerned that the cutter wouldn’t be able to get around it but it was able to. Toasting the foot, however, was easily double the normal time it takes to toast an average cigar. Given the area of tobacco to cover, this isn’t a surprise.

The first draw of this impressive cigar was creamy and pleasant. I can see why Davidoff bought out Camacho. The cigar, although large in comparison to most other cigars, is still well made with very few visible veins. Also, because of the size it did require a few touch-ups as it tugboated a bit a few times. This may have been because I had the window open. It definitely requires more attention than the average cigar does due to its size. The ash was a darker gray than what I usually see for Dominican cigars and it’s likely an effect of the soil that the tobacco was grown in. Weaved into the cigar was a slight peppery taste but nothing that was overwhelming. For a full cigar, it was wholly enjoyable for a new like me.

As I continued further into the cigar the pepperness came out more and mingled with the creamy smoke. I finally had reached the point of the band and I carefully removed it. It came off with a little bit of the wrapper but wasn’t enough to cause it to unravel. The cigar continued to be a great smoke without overwheming, which is good since I hadn’t eaten anything yet for the day beyond snacking on some popcorn (bad, Linus, bad). At one point, I had to step away from the cigar while I prepared dinner and when I came back to relight it, it started up as if I had never left. The flavours still remained a consistent combination of pepper and smokey cream flavour to it but I did get hints of cedar near the end.

While this cigar is a mouthful (literally!), it’s enjoyable and well worth the time it takes to get through it.

Enjoyed with: Water

Smoke time: approximately two hours

Final Review Rating: 8.5/10

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