Quick Review: Cigars in Toronto

So this week I’m in Toronto, teaching a nice class to a few students. And being a Canadian, I get the joy of being able to, legally, enjoy cigars. But to be honest, the tax on cigars is annoying. What should be a $6 cigar is nearly double that! And I can’t even be sure that it’s a true Cuban cigar. Tomorrow, before meeting up with a friend, I’ll hit Thomas Hind Cigar store. I’m hopeful that because they are a B&M they will be more reliable in quality and cigar types. The cigars I got tonight, which appear authentic, weren’t too bad.

The first was a Punch JG Royal Coronation tube. This is a nice sweet Honduran cigar with a deep rich Ecaduran Sumatura wrapper. Even the taste of it elicited a sweet mocha taste to it. The cigar was wrapped with a nice cedar leaf to keep the flavour in the tube. The cigar burned wonderfully and I was able to enjoy it while relaxing for the evening. I’d give it a quick 8.3/10 as it was a bit moist but that may have been more the fault of the place I bought it at (small convenience store who’s forced to hide all tobacco products behind metal in case some child happens to see them — yes, this is the Nanny Province).

The second cigar for the evening was a Por Larranaga Robustos LE 2007, a nicely made cigar that lit well. The flavours of cedar and leather came through immdiately and I got hints of pepper at one point. However, about 60% of the way in the cigar suddenly flamed itself and then, seemed to cease to continue to burn. It took a few tries and I was able to finally relight it enough to get it going. Unfortunately, the flavour went downhill after this. Because of this an 8 cigar went down to a 5 and I lost my desire to finish the cigar as a result.

As an FYI, if you are staying in Toronto and want a hotel room that you can smoke in, check with the Sheraton on Queen Street. They still have standard rooms (King or two double beds) that allow smoking. I don’t know how long they will continue to have that or if it will be renovated soon. I’m hoping to put up another review tomorrow or Thursday evening. And pictures to follow. Apparently I forgot my camera-to-usb connector cable.

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