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  1. I bought one of these a few days ago. I’m also a “newbie”, so I’m definitely not too knowledgeable, but this cigar seemed like it had never been in a humidor, or that it hadn’t been sealed properly in its tube. In fact, the tube doesn’t even screw on tightly. It was dry-feeling, and when I trimmed the end, the wrap started to flake and peel away, right up to the band. Feeling a little downhearted (I was really in the mood for a smoke), I tried the cigar out anyway, and found it didn’t draw properly; it was very difficuclt to get a good amount of smoke. It seemed light overall, in terms of its weight.

    I’m not sure what sort of policies cigar retailers have, but I would like to know if an inferior cigar can be returned. When you buy a corked bottle of wine, you can generally return it without hassle. The store I bought this Punch JG from is usually very good, and their other cigars, when I’ve tried them, have been very good and seemed well-stored.

    Perhaps it was just a fluke, but I hate to just waste that money. I’ll be sure to properly check things out before buying in thee future.

    To add to the problem, we have a completely insane new law in Ontario, Canada that has made sure we can not legally see the tobacco product we want (or may want) to buy before deciding. It makes the selection process—needless to say—a little difficult for those of us who do not smoke very often and therefore need to peruse the “wares” before buying. I think the rule goes something like: “No seeing or touching the merchandise or its packaging. Only store employees may touch the merchandise before purchase. The customer must pick the item he/she desires from a catalogue, because standing in front of an open humidor will make every child everywhere addicted to tobacco and lead inevitably to the end of civilization.” It’s a straight-up wacky law, and it’s pretty insulting if you ask me.

    My little cigar store has a particularly friendly clerk who doesn’t mind letting me pick my own cigars, thankfully. But, given my most recent experience, maybe I should have let him do it for me!


  2. Hey Dave,

    Thanks for leaving the comment. Generally speaking, if you had bought a box and one was like that you’d be able to return them. But individual cigars you can only return unsmoked. Best idea would be to thoroughly check it beforehand.

    And yes. I have to admit, the first time I went into a cigar shop in Ontario and they told me I couldn’t go into the humidor to check it freaked me out. I’m very used to doing it in the US (although some stores will watch while others just trust you). The Nanny Law (as I’ve heard it referred to) is asinine to say the least.

    If you’re in Toronto (not knowing where in Ontario you are), check out Hinds. I hear they are pretty reputable and can probably help better when picking out cigars, even in the Nanny state. 😉

    Also, if you find the draw doesn’t go as well as expected, try poking the center of the cigar with a toothpick from the head. I’ve done this once or twice with plugged cigars and it seems to have worked at loosening things up. Do it gently and carefully.

  3. Hi Linus,

    Thanks very much for the tips and information.

    I’m in Ottawa, by the way. After writing my post, I decided to just buckle down and try it again, since I still hadn’t yet had a smoke since Saturday when I tried it. I don’t yet have a humidor, so I had put it in a container with a piece of carrot (maybe this is really strange, but it works). It seems to have moistened the cigar a bit, and it actually tasted really good, the flavour seeming to change as I went along. I wish I had the experience to relate the tastes properly…this will come, I’m sure.

    I’m an ex-cigarette smoker who successfully quit without relapse; it will be two years in March. I missed terribly the pleasurable aspects of smoking, and having just smoked this cigar while having a pint of Stella Artois with my girlfriend, I’m left with a favourable impression of Punch JG’s after all. The cigar had a very nice flavour and aroma that is now lingering in the apartment.

    A friend of mine just brought me back a Hoyo de Monterrey from Cuba. It is with the carrot as we speak, waiting for me (or my first humidor). Have you ever had a Hoyo?

    Do you have any advice for how to store a cigar when no humidor is available? Is my carrot in a Tupperware just plain batty?

    Cheers from Canada.

  4. I grew up in Ottawa (Nepean, Kanata and Britannia). 🙂

    I’ve never heard of a “tupperdor” with a carrot for the moisture but hey.. if it works. It’s not uncommon to start off with a tupperware container and use it for storing cigars. The carrot is probably releasing it’s moisture at a rate that keeps the cigar ok for a few days.

    I haven’t had any Cuban HdMs but have had the non-Cuban ones and find them pretty decent.

  5. Hi Linus,

    Very cool that you’re a local. 🙂

    I just had a Perdomo Champagne Reserve (robusto): one of the ones you said you liked, I think. Very nice smoke. Enjoyed with some Appleton Estates Reserve Rum and a glass of water as well.

    Have a good cigar store here close by, and I plan to support it as best I can. It’s called the Ottawa Cigar Emporium and is on Clarence Street.

    If musical elements also count, I was listening to the Smiths. A very enjoyable (late) evening.



  6. had the same experience with a Punch JG fell apart basically 1/2 in tasted bitter in Grand Rapids Michigan

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