Cigar Review: The “Fluffy” Taboo HSG

Taboo HSG Toro Grande
Taboo HSG Toro Grande

Cigar Name: Taboo Habano Sun Grown Toro Grande (6 x 60)

Cigar Description: Habano Sun Grown wrapper around Nicaraguan long-fillers

Cigar Strength: Mild-Medium

Review of the Cigar itself: Hrmm. It’d appeared I’m a tad behind in my reviews. So I thought I’d give a try to a cigar that was sent to me as part of a bomb: the Taboo HSG Toro Grande. I decided to enjoy this one while watching one of my favourite comedians online: Gabriel Iglesias. I had heard about him through friends. Anything that is good is often decided to be so through word of mouth. The Taboo Cigars have received a bit of acclaim on a variety of the online cigar forums and definitely not unjustly so.

It's not Taboo to enjoy..

Much like Gabriel’s definition of the 5 levels of fat, this cigar is a solid “fluffy” one. And although it is said to be a mild-medium, I would suggest that it still needs a good meal before it as it is one that will require attention and time given to it. The wrapper, although a bit vieny at times, was a nice deep chocolate and well constructed. I could see the feint hint of plume on the wrapper. Oh, this was going to be good. It took a bit to get it lit but that was largely due to the size of the cigar. The tobacco gave off a deep, rich earthy scent to it and the bouquet was a complex leather scent. It was very enjoyable.

A solid result
A solid result

The  white/brown/greyish ash remained solid even as I laughed heartily to stories being told by Gabriel Iglesias. It never fell and remained solid, another sign of good construction. The smoke swirled around in a blue and brown in the warm wind coming from my window. It’s a mild night here in NYC. Apparently the groundhogs were a tad off as to how long winter was going to last. The ash broke off at one point when I tapped it slightly against the ashtray. It wasn’t, however, a fluke. As it continued into the 2nd half, again I got another long, solid ash. The construction on this cigar is very good, ensuring full enjoyment.

The overall flavour of this cigar is a deep nutty taste with hints of leather in the background. I had hoped for more complexity but didn’t find it. I will say that it’s not an overwhelming cigar but one that comes through in it’s flavour. This is definitely a cigar to set aside some time with or if you know you are going to spend time with friends, it’s perfect for those long discussions. One thing is for sure: you are getting a good deal on this cigar given it’s price so that’s a definite plus.

Enjoyed with: water and a Pepsi

Smoke time: approximately 90 minutes

Final Review Rating: 8.2/10

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