Cigar Review: A little trip to Havana Camacho style.

A little taste of Havana
A little taste of Havana

Cigar Name: Camacho Havana Toro (6 x 50)

Cigar Description: Jamastran Habano Criollo around Honduran grown, Cuban-seed Corojo long fillers

Cigar Strength: Full

Review of the Cigar itself: I am constantly trying to improve myself to be better for work, for myself and for my relationships. I recently began running. Well, more like walking with some running moments every now and again. I try to do it, at least, every other day. I do feel good after it but I do believe that all work and no play doesn’t help one’s over-all being. Eating healthy all the time and working out regularly is fine but now and again, one should enjoy the finer things in life.


So not perfect but, eh. I’m happy. And that’s the important thing, especially these days. I looked through my humidor to see what I haven’t tried yet and came across the Toro. Perfect. Enjoy a full flavour to match my enjoyment of life and all it has to offer.

Taking the cigar out of the cellophane, my senses are heightened to the sweet aroma of a rich tobacco. This particular stick has a prominent vein running through it but that seemed the only flaw on this well-constructed cigar. I cut the cap off, eager to toast the end. The wrapper was a deep chocolate, vieled in the luscious oils that had risen to the top.  It lit flawlessly and soon the deep, earthy scent came wafting through the air. As I took my first draw and exhaled, a perfect smoke ring emerged — without any effort. Ah, the evening will be a good one.

The burn was consistent and even as the evening continue. Deep earthy tones with mild hints of leather tickled my tongue. The solid ash was a melody of white, grey and black,and it remained attached to the cigar until I tapped it off.  Wonderful consistent  earthy flavours with leather and pepper escaped from it without too much smoke and no one flavour overwhelming the others. Each was balanced just enough against the other. As I continued into the middle of the cigar, I had images of sitting in a sidewalk cafe with my beautiful girlfriend while the sounds of spanish and creolized music danced around us. A rich espresso for each as we both enjoyed a good smoke.

Ah, yes. Life is so much more than being healthy and safe all the time. I have learned that if we don’t take a risk now and again we won’t know what life really feels like because we’re just by-standers while the whole world whizzes by. It’s not about being monetarially wealthy that makes one enjoy the “good life”; it’s all the non-tangibles that make it so: the friends, the family, the sense of being whole.

A little past the mid-point of the cigar, I tasted very rich creamy leather, almost hiding the peppery taste. I was a bit disappointed that this started to overwhelm the taste but it did eventually dissipate back to the wonderful flavour. My girlfriend returned home from a day with a friend and commented on how much she liked the smell of this cigar. When I told her what was in it, she gave me a blank look.

“You know that all I heard was whan-whan-whan”, she said, mimicking the Peanuts teacher speak. I chuckled at this. I know she isn’t into the details, history and such of cigars but she does know what she likes. When I described to her the image I had when I , she smiled. She knew exactly what I was talking about: a life of perfection that wasn’t about wealth but just enjoyment of simple things.

As I got to the end of the cigar, the burn began to lopside a bit but it self-corrected quick enough. Deeper pepper tastes came out as I got closer and closer to the nub, something that had been reported by others who have enjoyed this cigar before me. I can definitely see why this is a popular stick to have. While not quite the meal that the Camacho Corojo Toro (Diploma) was, it definitely is a mouthful. This will definitely be one to add to the list of “WANT” for future purchases in addition to finger bandages for the nub burn.

Enjoyed with: water and a Coke

Smoke time: approximately 90 minutes

Final Review Rating: 8.7/10

3 thoughts on “Cigar Review: A little trip to Havana Camacho style.

  1. Danny: cheers. Glad you enjoyed it.

    cigar smoker: Wow. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of someone associate a cigar taste to mustard. Interesting.

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