Cigar Store Reviews: Mickey’s Only Cigar Haunt

Sosa Family Cigar (taken from Downtown Disney Page)

This past week I had to head to Disney World in Orlando. Everything that I had to do for work was at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort. The resort is designed so that you really never have to leave the park as it has everything that anyone would want.  Because I knew the part was pretty much non-smoking I decided to not bring any cigars down with me. What I did know, however, was that in the heart of Downtown Disney was Sosa Family Cigar Co. When my colleague and I entered the store we were greeted by, I assume, the owner. He was hugely friendly and offered suggestions for us. While their walk in humidor is smaller than I’ve seen in other stores, it was large enough and full of all sorts of goodies that I like: every Diamond Crown Maximus made,  Arturo Fuente Hemingway line (no WOAN/M but they did have Between the Lines), their own Sosa brand and others. I nearly drooled in the selection and picked a few of the Sosa along with a couple of DCMs (#1 and #5).

As we got to the cash register I forgot that Florida has a low tax on tobacco products. So my tally in my head ended up being a bit less (I expected the higher price per cigar because of it being Disney World). The owner said that if I wanted more Sosa cigars, he’d gladly ship them to me. A great offer and if I do like them (I haven’t tried them yet), I have their website so I can certainly call and order more. We left with our finds and headed over to Pleasure Island. We went to find Fuego by Sosa, their cigar bar. Right across from it was Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant. We each ordered a sampler of beers. Basically, you get 4 beers in quarter pint sizes to try. I got the four provinces and definitely enjoyed them. I then had a portobello “burger” with a “bucket” of fries. As we sunk into the deep wing-backed chairs we could hear the tapping of the Irish dancer in the center of the bar. Both a family and adult bar, it does appeal to all ages. Once we had our fill we walked across the way to Fuego by Sosa. The walls were lined in this semi-upscale bar. I say semi since it really does have a relaxed atmosphere. There is a patio on the front and I suspect one in the back. We hunkered down in the bar area to enjoy the A/C as the humidity was a little strong on Monday, a reflection of pending storms to hit the area.

My colleague enjoyed a Padron 4000 while I had a DCM #5 and then a AF Between the Lines. We enjoyed  a couple of beers (me a couple of Landsharks and my colleague a couple of Yuenglings) but we could have easily had finer alcohol or even an espresso. I could see the Louis XIV cognac in the locked clear case on the bar, an indication of the upper scale alcohol one can have their. Although we were only there for a couple of nights, this topped off the night. After a long day of teaching and being on my feet (10 hours of teaching and pacing when I teach meant 3-4 miles walked in front of students), this helped relax the day and I got to come home with new finds.

Next cigar store review will likely be Ottawa’s Cigar Emporium as I head up north next week.

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