Cigar Review: 5 Times the Flavour and Aging

VS 55 Series Cameroon Churchill
VS 55 Series Cameroon Churchill

Cigar Name: Victor Sinclair 55 Series Cameroon (7 x 50)

Cigar Description: Cameroon Wrapper around five fillers:  Nicaragua Ligero, Cameroon, Olor, Corojo and Havana 2000 from Dominican Republic

Cigar Strength: Medium

Review of the Cigar itself: With the week over and an impending trip to San Francisco coming up, I thought I’d add a review in. I know I’ve been absent but work has been interfering with my cigar enjoyment and my blogging nature. I recently got a foot locker humidor (in fact, I’m looking to sell/trade my existing desktop humidors if anyone is interested — pop me an email at syrlinus [at] gmail). My trip to San Francisco should be fun. A colleague brings a variety of interesting things to “imbibe” with and I bring the travel humidors with great stuff to enjoy (kind of a work HERF if you will).

I had enjoyed the VS 55 Green earlier this year and thought I’d give this one a try since I enjoy Cameroon wrappers so much. The construction is well done although the walnut-coloured wrapper did sport a few medium sized veins in it. It took a few seconds to get this tasty, long stick lit and the taste that came at the start was a creamy mocha flavour. As I puffed my way into the first third, I got a distinct peppery taste hidden in the creaminess. It was almost like a mild white pepper taste that set a nice balance to the kettle chips I was snacking on. Unfortunately, at one point, the ash flaked off enmasse and I had to clean my desk of it. This was a bit disappointing and to add to that, when I went to remove the band I noticed a “gob” of glue under it. I eventually got it removed but it did show a bit of a lack of attention to detail.

And although this isn’t as tasty as the Green 55 I had, it still is very good. The mix of the 5 fillers is interesting, allowing for a variety of flavours to be sampled at once. As I entered into the middle third, a roasted nutty flavour began to creep in while the peppery taste left. The start of each draw appeased my sweet tooth, almost minty in flavour. Continuing deeper into the middle third got me the occasional leather bite but it wasn’t overwhelming and actually, mixed well with the sweeter flavouring of the cigar. Getting into the final third the flavour changed dramatically.

It was here that the full force of the Corojo and Ligero flavours came through as the pepper and leather came out in full force. While this is a mild-medium cigar to start, getting to the end it offers a full force flavour punch. This continued right to the nub. The construction and ash issues aside, it was still a good smoke for a nice cool Saturday afternoon while surfing the internet.

Enjoyed with: water

Smoke time: approximately 70 minutes

Final Review Rating: 8.2/10

Tidbit: Herf means to draw on a smoke (cigar or otherwise). So to join a HERF (a group of cigar smokers) is to enjoy a large draw together. Sounds good to me.

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