April Poll: A cigar goes good with…

The whiskey/bourbon/rye/scotch have it. And I do have to agree although I do like water to clean the palate when doing reviews. Beer was wedged between water and the harder stuff. I think the preference for these three fluid types highlights what is often seen as part of the stereotypical cigar smoker, particularly the first two. The harder alcohols fits into the wealthier view of cigars while the beer fits into the Archie Bunker kind of cigar smoker, who smoked either Macundo Baron de Rothschilds or Montecruz 210s. But I would have to say that the thing a cigar goes best with is friends and other aficiandos.

Now something that can be just as varying as what you have with the cigar is what you use to cut the cigar. I’ve been a big fan of Xikar’s v-cutter for a while but recently got their 2009 gun metal punch, particularly helpful for those fatter cigars. So this month I ask what cutter of choice do you prefer?

2 thoughts on “April Poll: A cigar goes good with…

  1. I like the poll question. I’ve always loved my Xikar Xi cutter. I also recently picked up a Perfect Cut guillotine which I’m enjoying more and more.

  2. I do enjoy the Xikar but haven’t seen the Perfect Cut guillotine yet. I’ve been using the Xikar Punch (09) model of late and very much enjoy that (especially since it’s on my keychain so it means I’m always ready for a cigar).

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