May Poll Results: Off with their heads!

It seems that majority of people use gullotine to cut the cap off a cigar (an overwhelming 53% choose that). It’s probably a variety of reasons why but I would suspect the biggest is because it’s what you’ve always done and it becomes habit. Good gullotine cutters like Xikar help make it easier to cut using this method. I’m cure that the free cheapo gullotines also help. Coming in a distant second (18%) was the punch, a choice I recently switched to. It’s a great option for non-topedo cigars (although I suppose you could do those). The v-cutter came third at 13% while the remaining methods trickled in at the end (teeth, scissors and knives).

Since I’m discussing about the things we do to our cigars to smoke them I figured why not look at the prefered method of lighting up a cigar. I personally prefer my Blazer torch (particularly when at home or traveling by train) and long cedar matches when traveling (I’ll use short ones in a pinch). What’s your favourite method of getting things going?

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