Cigar Review: So good, I smoked ’em all (and yes, that’s me)

Cigar Name: Camacho Pre-Embargo (6 x 48)

Cigar Description: Honduran Jamastran Corojo wrapper (1999) around pre-embargo Cuban tobacco mixed with Honduran long filler.

Cigar Strength: Full

Review of the Cigar itself: Ok. So, sometimes I cannot pass up a deal. Cigars International had a one-day sale of these in a 3 pack for $30. That worked out to half off. I figured it they were as good as I heard then I could save them for those truly special occasions. The cigar had a faint sweet smell to it and seemed to be covered a bit with little gold flecks, likely coming from the bands at the head and foot of the cigar. I could also see tell-tale signs of plume on the cigar. Ah, aged definitely. The wrapper had a few veins on it but it was interesting in that the person that made the cigar had the veins almost twisting around the cigar in a nice pattern. It didn’t seem to detract from the cigar but add to it. I carefully snipped the “twisted tail” off the head and lit the bundled foot, a somewhat difficult task compared to lighting a straight-cut foot.

…  Ok. I started this entry yesterday morning and ended up enjoying the cigar I was reviewing that I smoked it fairly quickly. I then smoked another, again hoping to review it but again enjoyed it too much. So, I decided to do a quick video blog and comment about the cigar before talking about the FDA. What I will say about this cigar is that it’s definitely too enjoyable. While I’d only give it an 8.5 or so (it’s far more milder than I expected), it certanly is an enjoyable cigar (highlighted by the fact that I went through 3 while working from home this week and didn’t notice that I went through them so quickly). It’s very light on the peppery and leather tastes but they are there. I’d almost say that this is a good morning cigar as it eases you into the day rather than “BAM! Wake up, fool!” you into the day.

Enjoyed with: water and coffee

Smoke time: approximately 70 minutes

Final Review Rating: 8.5/10

2 thoughts on “Cigar Review: So good, I smoked ’em all (and yes, that’s me)

  1. This actually sounds like something i would enjoy as I am too wussy for the full bodied guys! Seem a bit on the pricey side, but for an occasional smoke it wouldnt be too bad.

    Thanx for the review/rant – FDA controlling tobacco is sad!


    Wheres your twitter account? you have to join the crack of the internet

  2. So far, the FDA controlling hasn’t affected us but who knows? It’s just started. Although, given the way they control the drug industry (or perhaps lack thereof), maybe they’ll be as ineffectual with tobacco.

    You know, when I first started full cigars were a little scary for me but I’ve since learned to appreciate some of the finer full cigars (once that are just full enough without being too overpowering).

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