Cigar Poll: Where do you find community?

I had to chuckle as I looked at the results of the survey from last month. We’ve been watching lots of Archie Bunker of late and the late Carroll O’Connor used to light his cigars with the store paper matches I noticed (a time before butane was as common as today). And it wasn’t surprising to see that 57% of readers are using some kind of torch lighter. Cedar matches and the regular Bic lighter come in a near tie for 2nd place. (approx 12-13% each). The regular Zippo and then regular matches trail at the end. Needless to say, it was interesting to see some of the tools we use to enjoy cigars with.

But who do we enjoy them with? Where do you find community? Online? Offline? For me, it’s primarily online at a variety of forums but I’m curious about you. Being a cigar smoker, particularly in North America can be a challenge with new laws and over-vigilant anti-smokers so finding like-minded individuals who accept you as a BotL or SotL is a nice option.

2 thoughts on “Cigar Poll: Where do you find community?

  1. They should have. It’s weird to see Archie without one. Just as much as the hat and chair (along with his word creations and character) made him who he was, so did his cigars. Every picture I ever saw of him was with a cigar.

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