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I always try to find the silver lining or happy stuff within the things that annoy me. For instance, yes, I don’t like getting up so early in the morning but some nice side effects have come from working downtown this week. For example, I’ll probably finish reading my 2nd book for the week, would have walked around some and got a few sprinking-like posts in here to add variety. The cooler weather is making walking around more enjoyable and more likely to wake me up more in the morning. This morning I took the added treat of smoking one of my Georges Reserve to start the day off. The cooler weather means I can open windows to let air in and out. I pondered Burns’ longevity and really, the only thing I can attribute it to is general contentment and enjoyment of life. And this is what I am finding now. I am a bit weird — ok, ok, a **LOT** weird — being a cigar-smoking, vegan, transguy Canadian living in the US under a work visa. Each of those are small groups in their own way and I bring it into an even smaller group.

But if you met me on the street you’d probably seem me very happy and enjoying what the world has given me thus far. I’m a very laid back person (perhaps reflective of my Acadian heritage) and more go-with-the-flow at this point of my life. Except now I get to generate the flow. The world around me seems to be falling apart (Bush’s recent State of the Union Address is attempting to suggest that) but even if it did, I know I could find a way to survive and continue with what I have started.

Anyways, as a sidenote, I’ve recently acquired the domain cigarnewbie.com. I did so because of the number of cigar and cigar accessory (I sound like Hank Hill) reviews I intend on doing here. Unlike other cigar afficiandos I figure I offer a different kind of review because I’m an average guy who only discovered cigars at age 38 (and smoking in general, although I have no intentions on smoking cigarettes as they do not appeal to me). This means my take on things tends to be rather fresh and uninfluenced by others. Hopefully, others will agree or at least, find some insight in my commentary. For those of you interested in cigars, what kind of things would you look forward to hear about from me?

And on that note, I’m off.

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