Quick Post/Contest: What would you do for Favs?

I’m very excited. I should be getting some Work of Art Naturals and an Opus X sampler later today. I’ve been wanting both for a while now. It did make me wonder what some do to get their favourite cigars or the one cigars they haven’t tried but want to. So what would do you to get your favourite/most wanted?

For the most interesting response I’ll send out a special fiver of my favs including a WOAN and an Opus X (you have until Friday August 10, 2009 midnight to submit your story/comment).

5 thoughts on “Quick Post/Contest: What would you do for Favs?

  1. I wanted to get in on the recent release of the Tatuaje T110 so I did some begging and got the name and email of the ONLY shop to have these. After trading several messages with him I finally secured one box of 25. I’d offered to split whatever I could haul with some other BOTL, we intended to get 2 boxes but only landed one. So we ended up with a 9 way split on a box of 25 cigars. The split went all over the US and even to Canada. Each of us only got 2-3 cigars, but at least we all get to try them!

  2. Remember the guy who started with a paper clip and ended with a house? That is what I have been doing–only in cigarland. Started with just a lil pipe tobacco; found a guy who wanted to try some and was willing to part with a cigar. Traded that with a friend who liked ’em (but dinna like his Kuba Kubas, apparently). Won a couple of cigars in a contest, added them to the stash; traded that for a couple of tatuajes (do you REALIZE the self-control required not to smoke those???). Won some Gurkhas in a trivia contest; threw in a “pipe smoker’s beginner pack” and traded the whole shebang for a coupla “forbidden origin” (ahem) Punch Punch cigars.

    Brother: lemme tellya–It. Took. Time. (They were mighty tasty though!). Sure, I dinna swap a paperclip for a house (who has the time?!), but with perseverance and doggone doggedy doggedness, I turned some dog rockets into a pleasant (if now hazy) memory!

  3. I have been given and gave a lot of cigars away. I drove to Seattle once just cause the store had some WOAM in lol try and explain that to the wife, And my frequent online purchases from Cardenias cigars for the hand rolled cuban taste

  4. I usually have a routine when i know hard to finds are coming out, i’ll drive to all the shops in the area. Then i’ll start to hit the forums and such, usually it just takes time and lots of trading.

  5. I was traveling in Northern Florida and, due to my friend’s forgetfulness and my apparent trust in humanity (which, on this day, declined slightly), I was short my Partagas. As I was hundreds of miles away from home, I resigned myself to finding a location which sold them.

    This then became a tour of the city of Jacksonville, resulting in my having stolen wifi from Panera Bread to do searches on my laptop from the car. After three hours of searching (and two mishaps where they did not sell the cigars), I found a nice little shop next to a comic book store that had a box.

    My friend later pointed out that it cost me about thirty dollars in gas to drive to locate this store, yet what he does not realise is that the thirty dollars (plus the thirty I spent on the box) resulted in days upon days of satisfaction.

    and no, I did not share them; he had to buy his own, and pay me back for gas spent. Moral of the story, if you are going to allow your friend to travel with you and he asks to quickly see your travel humidor, never allow him to leave it on the kitchen counter.

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