And teh weiner is..

And the Weiner is...
And the Weiner is...

The variety of stories I got were great. I even got one from Peter (Canada) from Facebook. But it’s hard to compete against DJ’s paperclip story. I gotta say that’s a long route to get to one’s favs. So he’ll get a Fiver including a WOAN and one of the 2005 Opus X, along with 3 others. In 2nd place, Dan and his endless search for his favs when his forgetful friend put him in this place (he’ll get a WOAN along with three others). Peter, in Canada, who contacted me directly about taking risks with bringing his favs back over the border will take 3rd. I’ll be sending him a triple (a WOAN and two other cigars). The cigars will be sent out on Saturday (teaching this week so no chance to get to the post office before then)

Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer. It is amazing what we do to answer the call of favs.

2 thoughts on “And teh weiner is..

  1. Thanks, Linus! Great contest. Working towards my next catch as we speak (next _sanctioned_ opportunity to partake being a September Lodge meeting).

    I’ve heard nothing but goodness re:the cigars you note! Mmmm…

  2. Well, I hope you like them when you get them and you’ll have to let us know how the continued “paper clip cigar pass” goes. 🙂

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