Quick Review: Amazing what you forget about in the humidor

El Rey Del Mundo Larga Oscuro -- in white
El Rey Del Mundo Larga Oscuro -- in white

Cigar Name: El Rey Del Mundo Larga Oscuro (6 x 54)

Cigar Description: Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers surrounded by dark oily Oscuro wrapper.

Cigar Strength: Medium-Full

Review of the Cigar itself: I had planned on doing a review of the Felipe Gregorio Power cigar that I had gotten with my CI cigar of the month order but before I realized it was all gone. So today I figured I’d a review of the El Rey del Mundo that has been sitting in my humidor for quite a while. It’s unusual because of the paper that it’s wrapped in. The plus is that the band doesn’t get stuck on the cigar but it does make it hard to see the cigar this way. It’s a decent sized with a bit of heft to it. While overall well constructed it did have a couple of prominent veins on it. That had me somewhat cause for concern.

As I lit the dark chocolate cigar, I immediately got a deep espresso flavour from it. This was good since I was having a late coffee while doing some work. This very smokey cigar — a lot of greyish smoke — also had a nice mix of white and black pepper in it. The ash was nearly white and burned so straight I could have used it as a level. At least at the initial. It then started to tugboat a bit thanks to a particularly prominent vein but I was able to adjust for that. While the flavour can be full at times, it doesn’t seem to pack — at least during the first third — a punch.

El Rey Del Mundo Larga Oscuro -- naked!
El Rey Del Mundo Larga Oscuro -- naked!

As I continued in the cigar, a nice slightly sweet cocoa taste came through. Although it still did burn as perfectly as it had started it still remained pretty consistent. At one point, the ash dropped unexpectedly. Thankfully, it was on clear portion on my desk. It was easy enough to clean up but made me be more aware of that the ash was more fragile than I realized. The taste didn’t really change much into the middle third but by the end I noticed a nice creamy leather taste starting to make it’s appearance. As it whittled down to the nub, the creaminess continued along with definite cocoa flavouring.

A good cigar to say the least and best paired with an espresso or a mocha coffee, with neither of those having a sweet flavour to them.

Enjoyed with: water and coffee

Smoke time: approximately 80 minutes

Final Review Rating: 8/10

Tidbit: Originally created around 1850s, this was once the most expensive cigar brand in the world.

2 thoughts on “Quick Review: Amazing what you forget about in the humidor

  1. Nice review. Mmm… espresso…

    Paper a gimmick? Kinda like the paper-wrapped wine bottles? Interesting nonetheless.

  2. This wasn’t really a gimmick, especially when consider that some wrap their cigars in cedar. It can serve a purpose — say to get cigars out of a tight box. My review of the Drew Egg shows what a real gimmick is.

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