Cigar Review: Sometimes, some are best not to be smoked..

Egg in it's nest
Egg in it's nest

Cigar Name: Drew Estate Egg Maduro (6 x 42)

Cigar Description: Maduro wrapper around Nicaraguan filler

Cigar Strength: Medium

Review of the Cigar itself: Sometimes ya just gotta try something because it exists. Kinda like deep fried oreos, coke or snickers. You know it’s bad but… When I saw the Egg on sale at half off with free shipping, I figure “What the hell”. It looked neat and the wrapper was a dark oily black oak colour and the tobacco aroma was a faint sweet scent. I was going to use the punch on this but the head was small and it was easier to cut it. Lighting it was fairly easy and the draw was surprisingly good.

It really is big!
It really is big!

Just.. no flavour. It took a few puffs before it really got going and then the flavour — a mild wet cedar taste — start to appear. The odor from the smoke seemed reminiscent of the Natural Dirt cigars. Those aren’t too bad if  you have a sweeter tooth. The ash was a very light gray and seemed to have faint lines dissecting it. It generated quite a bit of smoke as long as it was going quickly. With this kind of cigar, it’s really important to ensure that you continuously puff it every 20-30 seconds, particularly once you get into the egg. I had to relight it a few times and it made me think of an Olympic torch once.

Dance of the smoke

I think the bulbous egg diffuses the normal dirt flavour and gives it a more wetter taste. Even as I go into the egg portion itself, the flavour didn’t get any better. Not that it got any worse but it left me wanting. As I tried to get through the egg itself, there was a point — about halfway through the egg itself — where I couldn’t take it any more and actually stopped. While it is a novelty and such, as a cigar — ya. Not so much.

Enjoyed with: water and coffee

Smoke time: approximately 60 minutes

Final Review Rating: 4/10

3 thoughts on “Cigar Review: Sometimes, some are best not to be smoked..

  1. I picked up a couple of these on sale also to try – I am not looking forward to trying them I hope I have a better experience after letting it sit in my humi for a while.


  2. Mike: I’d be curious to hear if it does fair better after a bit of aging.

    Luke: it is a crazy cigar. There are a few others that I’m curious about so if I get them I’ll probably try ’em. NUBs aren’t too bad and I do enjoy an occasional one (and regularly try to get a nice long ash to balance).

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