Cigar Review: The Cigar God

Cigar Name: Orishas Robusto (5 x 50)

Orishas Robusto
Orishas Robusto

Cigar Description: Costa Rica with Cuban filler (made in Canada)?

Cigar Strength: Full

Review of the Cigar itself: When I was in Halifax and perusing through Smoke On the Water, I decided to try this cigar since I had never seen it anywhere else before and it wasn’t too expensive like many of the name brands were. When I got back I couldn’t find anything online about it — at least not at first. This took quite a lot of digging but I eventually found them (or, at least a page that mentions them).  I have to admit, there is still a lot about the cigar I don’t know (so if anyone knows of it, let me know).

The wrapper is a nice reddish brown (rosado?) and generally well constructed. There were some prominent thin veins that flowed through the wrapper along with occasional bumps from the tobacco inside. After punching the cap, taking the sliver of it off and then lighting it I got to enjoy a deep sweet nutty flavour that I had been smelling from the tobacco itself. It burned a little lopsided but tried to even itself out. The ash was a flaky, lopsided calamity that I kept tapping to keep from falling all over. But even with the tapping, it remained fixed to the end of the cigar with only little bits flaking off. The draw was simple but rich and creamy. As I continued into the first third, I noticed a tickle of pepper fighting to get onto my taste buds.

As I got into the middle third of the cigar the peppery/spiciness began to come through more but it was still the sweeter creamy taste that dominated. It reminded me of Guinness ale in the sense of that it was a meal in itself, that’s how robust the taste was. Although the construction wasn’t meticulous the flavour more than made up for the little bits here and there that weren’t “perfect”. The more I continued into the cigar, the spicier it got. The white pepper taste started to come through more as I removed the simple band off the cigar with a gentle tug.

The last third began with a bang into rich creamy leather and sharp roasted nut flavours. This wasn’t just some run of the mill cigar. It’s almost like finding that little known micro-brewery (e.g., Mill Street out of Toronto) or unique whiskey (Glen Breton Ice) that few know about but that everyone should experience at least once. Although this cigar didn’t have the near perfect outside, the inside was awesome. I’d definitely recommend that you eat first before having this one as it’s definitely a full cigar that packs a silent, finishing wallop. Now, if I could just find them outside of Halifax..

Enjoyed with: water

Smoke time: approximately 80 minutes

Final Review Rating: 9.1/10

Tidbit: The Orishas were Santeria Gods. An Orisha would claim you at birth (kind of akin, I think, to the animal spirits of Aboriginals in North America).

5 thoughts on “Cigar Review: The Cigar God

  1. I had one of these a couple months back. I too couldn’t find much info, and even my local B&M where I bought it didn’t know much. They were discounted when I bought them (apparently cigar smokers in Vancouver aren’t very adventurous and stick to brands they know), so I got these for cheap. I actually really enjoyed it. A very strong, powerful cigar – but delicious!

  2. It’s good to know that if I ever get to Vancouver, I can find these. It seems to be a rather underrated cigar and if the US ever lifts the Embargo, I’ll be asking around to see who carries this one.

  3. Just had my first one tonight, although it was a Torpedo, not a Robusto.

    I bought it in the GTA.

    I found it to be a really nice cigar, although, down around the halfway mark it burned really hot and the tobacco became a little rough and harsh.

  4. I smoked on of these tonight and I thought this was a fantastic smoke. It was a creamy smoke with a hint of spice on the retro hale. Medium bodied at best. I smoked the torpedo vitola of this brand. I would not hesitate to pay up to $10.00 for this smoke. I am not sure what the MSRP is one these as this cigar was gifted to me by a fine BOTL.

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