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I didn’t start smoking until age 38. Up to then, I had been an avid non-smoker. I did enjoy the smell of pipes and cigars as they often reminded me of my grandfather, who smoked a pipe as long as I can remember (and did eventually die of throat cancer). I decided to start this blog to present a view of cigars from the eyes of a true newbie who’s still rather experienced with the world. I am also transgendered vegan guy, which makes me unique and odd. But I do enjoy life. I started smoking cigars this year when I figured I’d at least try it once. I discovered quickly that I really enjoyed it.

Some of my favourites include ACID Krush, almost anything by Davidoff, Lieb 100s, Drew Estate Natural Dirts, Rocky Patel’s 1990s and 1992s and a few others yet to be discovered. See my lists below as to what I’ve tried, liked and dislike. Besides cigars I enjoy (when I have time) long distance cycling. I’ve traveled a few places over the last 10 years (mostly in Canada). I am also vegan and have been so for the last year or so. Interestingly enough, I very rarely get cravings.

I am also an IT Instructor, specializing in virtulization. If you have any questions about computers or myself, ask away. smile.gif I’m very open as a person.

Ok, decided to update what I have smoked and what I liked/didn’t like (as of September 26th, 2008):

Liked alot and will likely order/get again (these make me happy):

5 Vegas Robusto
A. Fuente Gran Reserva (Hemingway, Rothschilds)
Acid Krush Classic (stop laughin’ — I have a huge sweet tooth)
Ashton VSG (it’s up there with the Padron 1926 #2)
CAO MX2 Robusto (very nice)
Ashton 898 Lonsdale
Capricho Cubano Special
Carlos Torano Signature Collection
CI Legends (Copper by Drew Estates)
Cohiba (ISOM)
Cusano Double Connecticut
Davidoff Millennium Blend Short Robusto
Davidoff Primeros
Davidoff Winston Churchill Line (Blenheim, Chequers, No. 10)
Don Diego #2 Box Pressed
Drew Estate Clean Robusto
Drew Estate Java 58 Super Toro Maduro
Drew Estate Natural Dirt (see sweet tooth note)
Drew Estate Root Deluxe
Dunhill Aged Samanas
Georges Reserve Corona
Gurkha Ancient Warrior Robusto
Gurkha Legend
Gurkha Regent Robusto
Gurkha Regent Toro
Gurkha Symphony
Hoyo De Monterrey Excalibur
Indian Tabac Natural
Lieb F100 (Purito)
Liga Privada No. 9
Man O’ War Corona
Montecristo Media Noche Edmundo
Nub Cameroon
Nub Connecticut
Nub Habano
Olivia Serie O Robusto
Olor Rothschild Natural
Padron 1926 #2 Natural (perfect!)
Padron 3000
Padron Anniversary 1964 Series (N? either way, I could go broke on these.. Absolute favourite)
Perdomo Lot 23
Perdomo Reserve Cabinet Series P
Rocky Patel American Market Selection
Rocky Patel Decade 10th Anniversary
Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve
Rocky Patel Rosado
Rocky Patel Summer Collection 2008
Rocky Patel Sun Grown
Rocky Patel Vintage 1990
Rocky Patel Vintage 1992
Rocky Patel Vintage Connecticut 1999
Romeo Y Julieta
Santa Clara Special Edition
Santa Clara 1830
Zino Platinum Scepter Chubby

These were ok or just won’t have again:

1959 Premium (ISOM)
Acid Blondie (have had hit and miss success)
Cifuentes Y CIA. Partagas 1845
Don Tomas Special Edition
Gurkha Grand Age
H. Upmann (ISOM)
Heaven Chocolate (thankfully was free cigar — UGH)
Perdomo Estate Sel Vin 1991 Astrocrat
Rafael Gonzalez
Te-Amo Anniversario Vintage 99
Te-Amo Platinum

19 thoughts on “About Cigar Newbie and its Author, Linus

  1. Hello! I found your website when I was searching out the original source for that picture you have here of the girl in the cigar smoke. First, excellent page, your reviews are really good! I’ll be checking in to read the latest! Second, if you could tell me where you found that picture, I would be extremely thankful. I really want to get it blown up to poster size, but I want to get the owners permission first. The one on your site is small and not high enough resolution, unfortunately. I was hoping to get a higher resolution copy of the image. Any help is appreciated!

  2. Similar story. Avid non-smoker. Middlish-aged. A brother at a Lodge meeting ’bout a year ago *insisted* I try… To my surpise… And the rest is history. I also like your flavor profile: despite *some* ppl’s complaints, I am fond of, e.g., Kuba Kuba (sort of the inverse of a typical flavored cigar).

    Now the brothers are working on my whiskey skills… They say a gentleman must know how to hold both his cigar and his liquor!

  3. I know how to hold my liquor and cigars: Cigar in the left and whiskey in the right. 🙂

    That aside, I’d recommend — if you can find — Forty Creek Aged and/or Glen Breton Ice, my most recent finds. I still want to try Buffalo Trace but seem to be having some difficulty finding it here in NYC.

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  7. Hi Linus, My B.I.L Peter met you recently and said you were the person to talk to about cigars etc. What i want to know is do you know of a reasonable brand of humidor? Not too expensive but one that work s well. Have you heard of the Siglo brand? Thanks Jacquie

  8. Hey Jacquie,

    Did I happen to get your BIL some Drew Estate Tabak cigars (they taste like Mocha)? I went to Siglo’s site (http://www.sigloaccessory.com/product_catalog.php?p_type=4) and they look good. The biggest thing is seal and how it’s lined. Ensure that the seal is tight and that it’s lined with cedar. These ones look a little expensive. I actually got a nice one at Famous (my first one) and it sealed nicely for about $100 (http://www.famous-smoke.com/amalfi+antique+humidor/item+19782?Nav=1000112&Ne=1000). I ended up selling it once I got my footlocker one (http://www.famous-smoke.com/foot+locker+humidor/item+16307?Nav=1000112&Ne=1000). The prices are in USD at that site. You should be able to get a decent desktop humidor that holds about 25-100 cigars for about $50-125USD.

  9. Hi Linus,

    Yep you did get him some Drew Estate Tabak cigars actually sitting here now looking directly at one as I was going to do a bit of research about them. Let me say they smell DIVINE! can’t wait to light one up.

  10. Hi Linus,
    You have a very nice site here!..

    -I’m also one the those non smokers
    (I did smoke in my younger age, but quit 16 yrs ago )
    Like you , I’m also a IT-guy, working with C++ programming, which found the pleasure of smoking cigars some years ago.. Right now, I’m enjoying a
    Santa Clara 1830 Robusto (which I think is a really good cigar..)

    Keep up your excellent site-work !!
    Best regards,
    Trond ronde

  11. Hi There,

    Hope all is well. I represent various spirits brands and wanted to send you more information on an upcoming cigar event.

    Can I please be provided with an email address?



  12. Hey Linus,

    haven`t found a contact-form so i thought i may ask here.
    Do you think it`s possible to write a review about our shop?

    If you are in northern germany you are of course welcome to have a good cigar with us 😉

    Hope to hear from you


  13. Interested to read of the experience on the non-cubans. I have found a couple of places and I am interested.

    As for pens got to be a Monte Grappe the ultimate Fountain Pen. Got one and that is like nothing else you could imagine writing with!

    Anyway I am off to have a nice Australian Port and a nice Partagas cigar (cuban of course)

  14. Just came across your site for the first time while searching for reviews on the Te Amo. I contribute reviews and other info on another site. It seems like you are a very “down to earth” sorta guy who keeps reviews simple and to the point. Your style would fit right in with ours so I would like to invite you to take a look at our site.


  15. Linus,
    We’re a small shop in tampa and are looking for friendly links and reviews. Was wondering if that sort of thing is available here.


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