Cigar Review: So good, I smoked ’em all (and yes, that’s me)

Cigar Name: Camacho Pre-Embargo (6 x 48) Cigar Description: Honduran Jamastran Corojo wrapper (1999) around pre-embargo Cuban tobacco mixed with Honduran long filler. Cigar Strength: Full Review of the Cigar itself: Ok. So, sometimes I cannot pass up a deal. Cigars International had a one-day sale of these in a 3 pack for $30. That […]

Cigar Review: A little trip to Havana Camacho style.

Cigar Name: Camacho Havana Toro (6 x 50) Cigar Description: Jamastran Habano Criollo around Honduran grown, Cuban-seed Corojo long fillers Cigar Strength: Full Review of the Cigar itself: I am constantly trying to improve myself to be better for work, for myself and for my relationships. I recently began running. Well, more like walking with […]

Cigar Review: Size DOES Matter Sometimes

Cigar Name: Camacho Corojo Toro¬† (6 x 60) Cigar Description: Corojo wrapper around Jamastran Honduran filler Cigar Strength: Full Review of the Cigar itself: Whoever told you that size didn’t matter lied — blatantly. Sometimes, size can matter, particularly when enjoying a full cigar. I got this cigar while in Charleston at the Tinderbox and […]

Cigar Comments: Some combinations leave a good taste while others..

I’ve been quiet of late because of work. It’s had me fairly busy and with an hour and a half commute, has limited my smoking time this week (hoping to get some reviews in this weekend). So, tonight as I smoke a Short Story to wind down, I’ve been pondering some “going on’s” in the […]