Cigar Rights: What doesn’t belong with the others?

It feels kinda like Sesame Street. You’re shown a bunch of pictures and you need to figure out how it doesn’t belong. In this case, we’re talking about the use of cheap “cigars” to be used as blunt wrappers but a law that doesn’t narrow the specification down. I mean, come one. Do they really […]

Smokers’ Right: SCHIP and smoking bans

I’m in Manhattan this week, edu-ma-kating the masses on the wonders of virtualization. If you can consider 4 students masses. That said, because I’m at a facility that means limited cigar enjoyment this week. That’s ok. I’ll indulged in the evening. “Mah woman”, as I affectionately call her, had been bugging me to get her […]

Cigar Comments: Some combinations leave a good taste while others..

I’ve been quiet of late because of work. It’s had me fairly busy and with an hour and a half commute, has limited my smoking time this week (hoping to get some reviews in this weekend). So, tonight as I smoke a Short Story to wind down, I’ve been pondering some “going on’s” in the […]

Cigars for newbies

This can be a challenge to determine what cigars are best for newbies. It does depend on your taste buds. I’d say it’d be worthwhile trying only a stick or two at first. If you really like something then you can buy a box and put them into your humidor or tupperware-dor. One of the […]

Smoke, Lies and the Nanny State

I recently got the article “Smoke, Lies and the Nanny State” when surfing the internet. It’s an interesting essay by Joe Jackson (yes, that Joe Jackson, the singer) about the anti-smoking lobby and perhaps, more importantly, a poignant critique of what that industry is doing. He brings up some excellent points. The reality is that […]