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Cigar Review: A special cigar for TAA stores only

11 Apr

Rocky Patel TAA Signature Series Robusto

Rocky Patel TAA Signature Series Robusto

Cigar Name: Rocky Patel TAA Signature Series (5 x 50)

Cigar Description: Wrapper and filler Unknown

Cigar Strength: Medium

Review of the Cigar itself: So this past week I was back in Wall Street teaching. So I headed down to the Broad Street Barclay-Rex, my usual stop when down there, and checked out what they had. After getting a few favourites, I came across a new one from Rocky Patel. In fact, this is so new, I cannot find any info on it so this entire review will be kinda a blind review. I know Rocky made it so that usually means pretty good quality. The construction is tight with few veins on the chocolate brown wrapper. It toasted well and easily, giving a kind of white/blue smoke (makes me think Dominican in both wrapper and filler — and thus, in turn, perhaps a mild-medium cigar). As I took the first draw I got a creamy, almost mocha flavour tickling my tongue and taste buds.

The ash was a darker “white” (kind of like greyish-white) and flaked occassionally. There were no telltale signs of Nicaraguan filler (usually they produce a dark, dark grey to almost black ash). There may be Ecuadorian as I noticed a secondary smoke that was a light grey intertwined with the prominent blue/white smoke. As I continued in the first third I definitely got rich mocha/chocolate tastes along with a hint of espresso and spice in the background. The aroma was a nice peppery scent. It was a perfect cigar for a wet kind of day, giving that sense of just enough warmth to make the weather seem pleasant.

The burn is very consistent and doesn’t need touch-ups if attention is given to the cigar. As I started into the middle third, I noticed that the ash was still there from the original start. I gave the cigar a gentle tap and the ash fell off, in a single mass, into my little metal ashtray. As I continued, TheOnlyJoan asked to do an online Skype Herf. So we talked about the cigars we were enjoying and other things in life. It was during the middle that I began to notice a creamy leather taste hinting along with the mocha. And before I knew it, I was into the last third.

It was in the last third that I noticed a bit of a stronger pepper come through and a deeper blue smoke coming from the cigar. I watched the deep blue smoke dance around the light as I talked with Joan. It’s nice to be able to do a mini-herf like this. Most of the people I know from the cigar community that I want to meet are all over the country so it can be hard to meet up. But this is the closest thing to actually doing a Herf I can get for now. The next thing I noticed was that I had less than an inch left on the cigar and it was done. To me, a cigar that tastes good enough that I am not overwhelmed by it and enjoy the people I’m around is a good one. And this one definitely fits. If your Cigar Store is a TAA member, ask them if they have any. Well worth it.

Enjoyed with: water

Smoke time: approximately 70 minutes

Final Review Rating: 9/10


Cigar Review: The “Fluffy” Taboo HSG

08 Feb

Taboo HSG Toro Grande

Taboo HSG Toro Grande

Cigar Name: Taboo Habano Sun Grown Toro Grande (6 x 60)

Cigar Description: Habano Sun Grown wrapper around Nicaraguan long-fillers

Cigar Strength: Mild-Medium

Review of the Cigar itself: Hrmm. It’d appeared I’m a tad behind in my reviews. So I thought I’d give a try to a cigar that was sent to me as part of a bomb: the Taboo HSG Toro Grande. I decided to enjoy this one while watching one of my favourite comedians online: Gabriel Iglesias. I had heard about him through friends. Anything that is good is often decided to be so through word of mouth. The Taboo Cigars have received a bit of acclaim on a variety of the online cigar forums and definitely not unjustly so.


It's not Taboo to enjoy..

Much likeĀ Gabriel’s definition of the 5 levels of fat, this cigar is a solid “fluffy” one. And although it is said to be a mild-medium, I would suggest that it still needs a good meal before it as it is one that will require attention and time given to it. The wrapper, although a bit vieny at times, was a nice deep chocolate and well constructed. I could see the feint hint of plume on the wrapper. Oh, this was going to be good. It took a bit to get it lit but that was largely due to the size of the cigar. The tobacco gave off a deep, rich earthy scent to it and the bouquet was a complex leather scent. It was very enjoyable.

A solid result

A solid result

TheĀ  white/brown/greyish ash remained solid even as I laughed heartily to stories being told by Gabriel Iglesias. It never fell and remained solid, another sign of good construction. The smoke swirled around in a blue and brown in the warm wind coming from my window. It’s a mild night here in NYC. Apparently the groundhogs were a tad off as to how long winter was going to last. The ash broke off at one point when I tapped it slightly against the ashtray. It wasn’t, however, a fluke. As it continued into the 2nd half, again I got another long, solid ash. The construction on this cigar is very good, ensuring full enjoyment.

The overall flavour of this cigar is a deep nutty taste with hints of leather in the background. I had hoped for more complexity but didn’t find it. I will say that it’s not an overwhelming cigar but one that comes through in it’s flavour. This is definitely a cigar to set aside some time with or if you know you are going to spend time with friends, it’s perfect for those long discussions. One thing is for sure: you are getting a good deal on this cigar given it’s price so that’s a definite plus.

Enjoyed with: water and a Pepsi

Smoke time: approximately 90 minutes

Final Review Rating: 8.2/10


Punch JG

05 Dec

Punch JG enjoyed in Toronto


Por Larranga Cigars (Cuban)

05 Dec

Por Lrranga Cigar

Por Larranga Cigar

It was an enjoyable cigar. The only downside was the high sin tax and the “nanny state” (huge restrictions on where you can and cannot smoke, mostly cannot smoke).

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