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Cigar Review: A little Red that could

02 Dec

601 Red Habano Robusto

Cigar Name: 601 Red Habano Robusto (5 x 50)

Cigar Description: Nicaraguan longfillers covered in an oily Nicaraguan Natural Habano wrapper.

Cigar Strength: Full

Review of the Cigar itself: I knew I was in for quite the cigar treat when the pepper taste hit my taste buds before I had even lit the cigar. It was surprising since the wrapper had a sweet smell to it. The 601s aren’t known for their mild flavour and I was expecting a decent amount of spice from this. The construction was good with minor veins running through the dark chocolate coloured wrapper. The blazer torch kissed the foot of this cigar perfectly and it lit with cedar and white pepper aromas wafting up to my home office light. The ash in the first third was an off-white with hints of brown, grey and black but it was the flavour that was impressive. A nice blend of white and black pepper tickled the roof of my mouth. The spice rum balanced well against the piquant of the cigar.

The burn was fairly straight except for this one part of the wrapper that “bumped” a little bit on one side. A quick touch-up there and I had hoped the cigar would be settled down enough to do an even burn for the rest. The peppers mellowed a bit in their spiciness and added slight occasional hints of leather. The aroma, however, continued the nice spice to fill the air. It made me think that perhaps eggnog with spice rum would have been a better option.

As I continued into the middle of the cigar this stayed pretty much the flavour. The one distraction was the constant need to adjust the burn. It seemed like one side just wasn’t having it tonight. So I gave it an little extra oomph. Examining it closely I could see where the wrapper wasn’t quite tight and began to wonder if this was the cause. This was a tad disappointing since I was enjoying the cigar very much. Although this is a full cigar, I didn’t find it as strong as the 601 Green, which is a very powerfully strong cigar. The finish was a bit smokey, almost like a smokey cedar flavour. Overall a good cigar and it made me glad I had gotten a fiver.

Enjoyed with: Spiced Rum and Coke with a glass of water on the side

Smoke time: approximately 75 minutes

Final Review Rating: 8.2/10

Since I was in a holiday mood early, I was listening to some music and a classic came on:


Quickie Cigar Reviews: A Menage-a-Trois

28 Jan

Ok, ok. So I’ve been enjoying more than I have been writing. Or at least trying to enjoy. I had three cigars this week that I wanted to review but kept forgetting to put up. One was “Meh”, one was “eh.. I’ll have it again” and the last was another “Meh”. I find it frustrating that when I find really good cigars (like the CAO LX2) to try other cigars afterwads. It tends to be a bit of a letdown. Then again, it could be just that they weren’t that great to begin with.

Perfecto #1

Perfecto #1

Mosaico Cameroon Perfecto #1 (medium): These were on sale at Famous and discontinued. I can see why. The mixture of the sweet Cameroon wrapper with the Honduran tobacco, in this particular blend, didn’t create a flavour I expected. It was sweet at times with a harsher flavour. Now, I’ll admit to preferring Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos but I thought I’d give this one a try. The construction wasn’t bad and it stayed fairly lit but the flavour left a little bit for my palate to desire. I still have 19 more of these so I’ll try again in a month or two after they’ve aged some and see if that helps (it has before for other cigars). Rating: 6/10

Barclay-Rex Capana D'Oro Vintage Robusto

Barclay-Rex Capana D'Oro Vintage Robusto

Barclay-Rex Capana D’Oro Vintage Robusto (mild-medium): I always like trying different cigars, particularly those that aren’t mainstream. When I was at Barclay-Rex last week, I noticed a cigar without a band. This is a special blend made for Barclay by Don Pepin. It’s a Nicaraguan blend with a Nicaraguan Rosado wrapper, one of my favourites. Although the construction wasn’t the best it was still an ok cigar. The flavour was very mild. I did put a note in with Don Pepin’s website to see if I could get more information on this average priced cigar ($7.50 at their Broad Street location) but haven’t heard back yet. It did tend to be a bit smokey at times but the ash was a solid consistency in it’s darker grey-black form. Rating: 7/10

Ashton VSG Enchantment

Ashton VSG Enchantment

Ashton VSG Enchantment Robusto (full): I love the Tres Mystique and thought I’d give the Enchantment a try. It was ok but not as flavourful for me as the Tres Mystique. Although well constructed and burned well, it didn’t “zing” me like the other. I’d probably still give it a try again if given the opportunity. There were some harsh tones in the Dominican tobacco and the Ligero tobacco didn’t come out in the fullness as I expected. Rating: 7/10

On a fun note, yesterday I got into a discussion with a BOTL about the term “close but no cigar”. The history of this term stems from when fairground games of chance gave away cigars as the prize (a hugely unlikely possibility today). If you won, you got the cigar. If you miss, well, it was “close but no cigar”.  You can read more about other cigar phrases, in different languages no less, here.


Cigar Review: A strong Centurion (Don Pepin Garcia El Centurion)

27 Sep

Cigar Name: Don Pepin Garcia El Centurion

Cigar Description: Nicaraguan/Corojo 1998 Cuban-seed filler with Corojo, again Cuban-seed, 1999 wrapper

Review of the Cigar itself: The cigar band came off nicely which means they didn’t use too much glue. Cutting it and lighting it released a wonderful taste of pepper and soft spices. It actually burns a nice white ash that remains consistently whole. The wrapper actually has a pleasant creamy taste to it. The smell that emitted from it was pleasant and not overwhelming, something nice from a cigar that lists itself as being “medium flavoured”.

For the first third it burned wonderfully without any tugboating and no need to relight, an impressive thing given how humid the place has gotten because of the recent rain in NYC we’ve had this weekend. It stay consistent in flavour. Just before finishing the first third, the ash fell off in a single nice swoop into the ashtray and the cigar continued to burn beautifully. At this point, the ash is falling off in smaller chunks and has a nicer blue smoke wafting from it.

Unfortunately, when I got about 40% through the cigar, it began tugboating and no matter what I tried I couldn’t get it self-correct. So a quick flick of the Blazer and I was able to get it to correct. It then continued to burn evenly. Perhaps I was drawing too heavily on one side of it or something. As a result of the relight, however, it did let a few ashes fly into the air and I wasn’t too pleased about that but it wasn’t a lot (unlike other cigars I’ve relit where a lot of ash will flake off). It was liveable. Even with that, it was still an enjoyable cigar. At this point, the pepperness of the Nicaranguan filler began to become more pronounced with each draw. Keep in mind that this wasn’t overpowering but just enough to make it somewhat of a kick.

As I got down to the last third, I tried tapping the cigar to ensure there’d be no flakes and none came out. Perhaps my flaking issue was due to a not-so-tight center or perhaps due to too much flame. Either way, it continued a nice burn and I was able to avoid further tugboating. The pepperness started to wind down as I continued into the last third, eliminating any fears of it getting too overpowering. It has been rated as a 90 (out of 100) kind of cigar. I don’t know if I’d go that far but certainly it’s not a cheap or a waste of time to smoke it.

One of the things that I liked about this one was as I got closer and closer to the nub, the core didn’t burn overly hot and make it hard to hold. This was a nice plus and made the experience more enjoyable.

Enjoyed with: Water and a Corona with lemon while snacking on some Pretzel Stix

Smoke time: approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes (I was puttering around a variety of sites and mucking about in some blog stuff as I was smoking it so some distractions made the cigar smoking a bit longer)

Purchased from: Barclay-Rex Cigar Store in Wall Street district

Final Review Rating: 8.5/10


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