Cigar Review: Sometimes, some are best not to be smoked..

Cigar Name: Drew Estate Egg Maduro (6 x 42) Cigar Description: Maduro wrapper around Nicaraguan filler Cigar Strength: Medium Review of the Cigar itself: Sometimes ya just gotta try something because it exists. Kinda like deep fried oreos, coke or snickers. You know it’s bad but… When I saw the Egg on sale at half […]

Cigar Review: Getting to the Root of the Matter

Cigar Name: Drew Estate Natural Root (5 x 55) Cigar Description: Nicaraguan filler with a maduro wrapper Cigar Strength: Medium Review of the Cigar itself: I’ve smoked a few of the Natural cigars before. This isn’t a cigar for everyone as many people don’t like the sweeter wrapper (although the Root’s wrapper isn’t as sweet […]

Cigars for newbies

This can be a challenge to determine what cigars are best for newbies. It does depend on your taste buds. I’d say it’d be worthwhile trying only a stick or two at first. If you really like something then you can buy a box and put them into your humidor or tupperware-dor. One of the […]