Cigar Review: The Whites, Part 4 — Maduro

Los Blancos Maduro
Los Blancos Maduro

Cigar Name: Los Blancos Maduro Robusto (5 x 52)

Cigar Description: Nicaraguan Wrapper around Nicaraguan filler

Cigar Strength: Mild-Medium

Review of the Cigar itself: This is the last of the Los Blancos Robusto cigars I got in the 4 pack. The wrapper is a near-black dark chocolate color, oozing with lush oils. This wrapper was a little more loose than the previous ones (which were so well wrapped you almost couldn’t see the edge of the wrapper). It gave off an earthy aroma mixed with a rich cedar scent. The draw was effortless as the oils sparkled in the flame. The initial taste was that of straw and hay at the beginning but this quickly gave way to a dutch cocoa taste. Unfortunately, the burn started out uneven. In fact, it seemed the cigar was creating it’s own roller coaster at the end of the wrapper. I touched up the “mounds” on the wrapper in hopes of evening it out and attempted to tap off the multi-hued black ash at the end. It was rather firmly in place.

As I continued down the first third, it tugboated a couple of times again. A quick adjustment settled it down. The flavour become a more creamy cocoa flavour. This isn’t a dairy chocolate taste but that nice dutch chocolate flavour that has a twinge of bitterness in it. There were hints of a stronger pepper taste in the background but none of these came to the forefront of the flavour. The ash eventually fell off after one tap and that made it easier for me to burn the edges down a bit.

What's left of good flavour..
What's left of good flavour..

As I started into the middle third, I got a nice rich espresso coffee taste on my tongue and the smoke, which had been overwhelmingly plentiful at the start, had started to ease a bit. The flavour continued to remain rich. What was surprising, however, was the bang of flavour that came in the final third. At this point, sharp cocoa and creamy cedar filled my tastebuds. The cigar may be mild-medium for the first tw0-thirds but the last two-thirds definitely smacked of fullness of flavour. Definitely a stark contrast to the earlier part of the cigar.

The last third was rich and full in pepper and deep cocoa tastes. I burned the ends of my fingers as I held onto the last nub of the cigar. Of the four cigars this would be number 2 on the list behind the Connecticut Shade as far as cigars to buy from Los Blancos for me. I’d definitely would suggest visiting Famous Smokes to get the 4 pack to see if any appeal to your palate and give them a try, especially the Connecticut and Maduros.

Enjoyed with: water

Smoke time: approximately 80 minutes

Final Review Rating: 8.2/10

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