Cigar Bands: so what do you do with them?

I have to admit to collecting cigar bands and putting them into my cigars-smoked-and-rated book but as I find cigars I like, I’ll get more bands and then.. well, the challenge is what to do with them. One of my recent ideas was to take a bunch and create a bookmark out of them (paste them on some simple cardboard from a small box).

The other thing I’ve been thinking about doing is BandwagonUSA. It’s an interesting concept whereby you send in your bands (handmade cigar bands are worth 5 points while machine made cigar bands are 1 point and cigar pouches — think Backwoods — are 10 points) and get a “prize”. I’m eyeing the Zippo lighter (200 points + shipping). Interesting concept.

But I’m curious as to what other cigar aficiandos do with their bands?

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