Cigar Review: Hitting the Mark

Cigar Name: Maker’s Mark 650 (6 x 50)

Cigar Description: Sumatra Wrapper with Cuban-seed Dominican long-filler

Cigar Strength: Mild-Medium

Review of the Cigar itself: The history of bourbon can be traced as far as the late 18th century and while no one person considered to have created bourbon, it’s sometimes attributed to Reverend Elijah Craig.  Whether this is true or not is hard to say. But I do suspect it’s more likely that many settlers couldn’t find a lot of rye to distill into whiskey so they created a “corn whiskey”. In 1964, the US Congress formed the Federal Standards of Identity for Bourbo. This was to protect the standard of the US drink quality. As a result, bourbon today has to meet specific requirements to get the privilege to be called bourbon.

This cigar comes presented in a glass tube, sealed with a red wax. When you open it, you get a whiff of good bourbon. The cigar is flavoured with Maker’s Mark whiskey bourbon through an aromatic process. Basically, the aroma infuses itself into the tobacco leaves and this ensures just a hint of flavour is added without overwhelming the natural tobacco taste. As I toasted and then lit the cigar, I could get gentle hints of the bourbon. It’s interesting because bourbon isn’t my drink of choice and I was a bit concerned. But because it’s not an overwhelming flavour and just enough to tempted the palate, it’s actually very pleasant and enjoyable.

The presentation of the cigar is well done, although the band seemed to have a bit too much glue (there were small portions on the wrapper itself). But it did come off without tearing the wrapper so that was a good thing. The ash created was consistent and without much flaking. It remained a respectable inch or so in length before falling off on it’s own. As I got into the last third of the cigar, I began to taste hints of leather in the background of the cigar.

It does accent the flavour of the bourbon and musters images that are often associated with cigars: deep leather chairs, a shot glass of bourbon, a sense of relaxation.

Enjoyed with: Yuengling beer and water

Smoke time: approximately an hour and a half

Final Review Rating: 8/10

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