Cigar Review: Shorter Robusto that Packs its Flavour

Cigar Name: Saint Luis Rey Reserva Especial Serie G Short Robusto (4.25 x 54)

Cigar Description: Nicaraguan Habano wrapper and a Nicaraguan binder with Honduran and Nicaraguan longfiller tobaccos

Cigar Strength: Full

Review of the Cigar itself: As I eyed this short cigar and took in what it presented, I realized that this would be no walk in the park. The cigar, although a shorter Robusto, definitely seemed to pack a punch even before being lit. I smelled the tobacco and could detect a sharpness in the unburned scent. The denseness feeling of the cigar itself had me a bit concerned about the potential for a plug but I had a few toothpicks ready just in case. The wrapper had a dark oily sheen to it and presented a slight espresso flavour when I tested the end of it. The red and gold band stood out against the dark maduro wrapper. Upon cutting the head, I can see how dense the tobacco really is.

This was turning out to be the perfect full-bodied morning cigar as toasting the foot resulted in a spicey-nutty aroma to come out that was very pleasant to the nose. My first few draws emitted a distinctive creamy coffee taste. The illusion of the denseness of the filler faded away quickly and was replaced with an enjoyment of the cigar itself. As I continued into the first third, as I was trying to take an action shot, a slight jolt of mocha came through behind the coffee in one particular draw. It would weave itself in and out of the espresso coffee flavour as I continued.

The double-bands came off with relative ease since neither was glued onto the wrapper itself and any glue used on the bands was just enough to keep it on the cigar. It is a great morning to have this kind of cigar. The blue smoke that danced up from the cinder got caught in the gentle cool morning breeze. The stick remained warm in my hand warding off any potential chill that might have come. As I continued into the middle part of the cigar I began getting tiny flavour-jabs of fennel and pepper as the fullness of the flavour started to come out more. As I got into the last third it was there that the full pepper flavour came out and hit me. Behind the pepperness were hints of cedar and fennel, tempting the palate with a myriad of sensations.

As much as full flavoured smokes are often hard for me to enjoy, I have to say I definitely enjoyed this one. Its rich and complex flavours were better accented against the cold water I drank than the flavoured coffee. I’d say if you were to enjoy this on your own, use a black espresso or other dark coffee with no sugar, cream, milk or other side flavours. This is a great cigar to start the day with — after a full breakfast, of course.

Enjoyed with: Water and coffee with vanilla flavoured soy creamer

Smoke time: approximately an hour and a half

Final Review Rating: 8.75/10

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