Poll Results: Nicaragua beats out Cuba

Last month’s poll was great to see what cigar country most people prefer. Nicaragua got the most votes, edging out Cuba by 1 vote. Dominican Republic came in 3rd. It does show that Cuba no longer is the dominant cigar producing nation (at least in the US, where most of the votes came from). I suspect part of this is because of the embargo that prevents Cigars from being allowed in the US but it may also be due to the fact that other nations are just producing really good quality cigars. More than anything, it does mean that there is a variety of cigar types we can choose from to appease our palates.

The end of 2008 marked a huge drop in the world-wide economy and would likely have an effect on how many cigars are being purchased as people become a little more careful with their money and where they are “investing” as it were. So I’m curious as to how much it will affect the average person’s insofar as their enjoyment of cigars. Will you spend more, less or about the same this year? And by all means, offer comments as to whether you think that this year will be a good cigar year. 2009 is being ushered in with some hope and some fears. I’m looking at the glass as being half full right now. What about you?

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