February Poll: Where do you buy your cigars?

So it was interesting to see, and rather hopeful, that most (61% of respondents) were going to spend about the same as they have last year. Of course, this may change because of the economy (e.g., losing one’s job midway through). Add to that another 24% who said they’d spend more than last year and I think that the odds are in favour for many cigar places to survive. So I that note, I was curious as to where we’d be spending our money: online or in-person?

I tend to do online myself because of ease but prefer, where possible, a good in-person B&M with a friendly face and nice place to sit.

5 thoughts on “February Poll: Where do you buy your cigars?

  1. For now I am lucky enough to have a shop in my city that I can not only buy cigars but can sit down in the shop and smoke. Today we are going to take the fight against the tobacco tax to our state capital which is threatening the existence of the shop.

  2. I’m really enjoying your site. I haven’t read the whole thing yet so please excuse this question, as I’m sure it’s answered somewhere. Where are you located? If you ever find yourself in Eastern North Carolina, drop me an email and I’ll show you a couple fantastic B&M places to purchase and smoke. Your site is very refreshing and down-to-earth. Well Done, Sir.

    How do you feel about the Oliva series’ of cigars? I’ve been enjoying the Series O and V lately and have no complaints about either.
    Look forward to hearing from you,

  3. Glen: Very cool and thanks for the comment. What city/state are you in? I hope you won. It’s a shame that the small shops are being hit like this by the tax.

    Matt: Thank you for the kind words. I try to write as I speak so it tends to be plain 🙂

    I’m in New York City (Queens borough, to be exact). And I’ll keep North Carolina in mind. My job has me travelling all over various parts of the USA so it’s possible I could end up there.

    I do like the Olivia cigars, particularly the V line. I got side-introduced to those as part of a Secret Santa cigar pass. I find that often these are the cigars that many shops use as their “brand”. Cross Street in Baltimore has a nice Olivia mix brand that they use that I like.

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