Enjoying Cigars on the Road

I travel a lot. Last year, I figured out that I was on the road about 40% of the time. And while I try to visit local B&Ms when on the road, it’s sometimes not always possible. To ensure I still can enjoy a relaxing cigar after a long day, I do a couple of things. First, I always ensure that I have some, if not all, my cigars with me as part of my carry-on. This came in handy recently when the airline “waylaid” my luggage (and thus, my cedar matches). I still had my cigar caddy with a selection of about 10 cigars that I could choose from to enjoy, some favourites and some new ones I haven’t tried yet. Often when I travel, I’m not near shops so I use this as a way to ensure that I can enjoy my hobby even when on the road. The reality is that many shops have limited hours (9-5:30 or so) and my work days can be long, sometimes until 6-7pm. I also bring a small metal ashtray like this one from Famous. It’s light enough to not add extra weight to your luggage but is enough for one person. Even something like this one may be good enough for travel enjoyment.

The other option is finding a hotel room where I can enjoy. This is becoming harder and harder due to anti-smoking laws (there is some logic to it when a hotel is booked solid and someone with allergies is stuck with a smoking room). But if you can find one, then, for a smoker, it’s a nice option. I have found that many of the Holiday Inn Express, often, will have smoking rooms/floors available at the same price as regular rooms. On top of this, they come with microwave, fridge and coffeemaker in a room that is meant for more than 2 people. Because of challenges of anti-smoking laws, it is often becoming more and more difficult to find places to enjoy a good cigar without freezing, getting wet or completely avoiding the enjoyment.

Thus far, I’ve been able to try a Mosaico Cameroon belicoso and a CL Arganese CL3 Robusto. The Mosaico, since it has aged about a month now, is faring a bit better than when I first tried it but probably needs another month or two of aging. The CL Arganese had some spiceyness to it that seemed to be wrapped heavily in a leather flavour. The burn wasn’t bad albeit that the ash was a tad flaky at times. It did tugboat at times but this was easily adjusted with a quick touch-up. I would probably put the Arganese at a 8/10. It wasn’t outstanding (lots of veins and sometimes the taste didn’t come through well at times) but was good enough to pass the evening with.

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  1. Nice article. I don’t travel a lot, but when I do I definitely look for hotels that offer smoking rooms. I try and visit the local B&Ms to see if they have house brands to try and carry a line I don’t have locally.

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