March Poll: End the Embargo?

It was interesting to see the split between buying online versus buying at a B&M. I suspect that for some it may be cheaper to buy online while for others there is a strong sense of belonging and wanting to support local small business with B&M purchasing. I think one thing is evident: regardless of where we’re purchasing from, we’re doing it for enjoyment of the smoke, friends and more. Each does have a place in the purchasing world. If you’re like me, there really is no B&M close by. If there was one within walking distance or a short hop, I’d definitely be there. Heck, I walked for 30 min to get to Cross Street just to enjoy in peace.

And really, that is what it’s about. I have been reading about recent suggestions that the embargo should be removed (I’m sure this comes up as regular as Old Faithful) but should the embargo be removed? As a Canadian, I get the luxury and privilege to enjoy Cuban cigars when I’m at home without potential issue. Quite honestly, I’m not sure it’d do much of a damage on the industry since, IMO, so many great cigars come from elsewhere. But what do you think?

One thought on “March Poll: End the Embargo?

  1. In terms of business it would be a good thing if the embargo was lifted, but overall there are literally hundreds of cigars out there that can be had both online or at a B&M.

    I am lucky enough to not only have a B&M right by my house but one that I can smoke what I buy in the shop.

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