Cigar Review: All the Maduro you can handle

Cigar Name: Camacho Triple Maduro (4.5 x 50)

Cigar Description: It’s all Honduran Maduro — filler, wrapper, binder — aged over 5 years.

Cigar Strength: Full

Review of the Cigar itself: If you’re a Maduro fan this might be the cigar for you. It’s interesting to see one that has Maduro all the way through, not just on the wrapper and/or binder. After dealing with lots of technical challenges last week (2 of my 3 computers were on the fritz or in the shop) I figured starting this week with a treat might be a better way to go. The cigar has a slight sweet smell to it that blends nicely with the earthier smell. And it’s dark. Think dark ebony wood, nearly black. The silver bands, one at the foot and one in the usual place just below the cap, stands out against the dark, dark wrapper.

Because these leaves are a little thicker than others, it may take a bit more to light. It did take a little longer for me to get the foot going and once going, the aroma was wonderful mixture of rich earth with a hint of roasted nuts in the background. As I smoked the dark cigar, I looked closely at the wrapper. It was nearly fully uniform and in some parts, I could barely see the edge of the wrapper. This is definitely a tight, well-made cigar. The colourful ash was a bit flaky but solid enough to stay together until tapped. The only thing that was annoying was that it wasn’t a true solid ash that was uniform.

I quietly enjoyed this while listening to a colleague online talk. The earthiness continued well into the 2nd third and by the time I got into the last third a nice creamy leather taste started to come through. It wasn’t overwhelming but rather pleasant and a comfortable taste. I sat back and let the warmth of the weekend sun pass over me as I watched the world go by. Ah, summer.

Enjoyed with: water

Smoke time: approximately 70 minutes

Final Review Rating: 8.6/10

Tidbit: Maduro is spanish for mature.

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